The way that you deal with the need to change will determine the long-term success of your organisation.

The high-performing organisations of tomorrow will be constantly improving and changing shape to deliver on their purpose and meet the needs of their clients in an increasingly rapid and ever-shifting context. Change won’t be frightening – it will be expected.

We can quickly help you assess the current health of your organisation and work with your teams to transition to new ways of working. We will help define and plan the capacity and capability requirements needed to deliver on your mission and help you to understand then manage the impact of the changes – no matter what the situation.


4OC has a comprehensive set of tools to help organisations through dealing with the unforeseen.

We ensure leadership teams have timely and succinct information to enable good decisions. We ensure effective risk management is in place. We create reporting and recording that will stand up to scrutiny. We offer services to manage the early response to crises. 

Do you need to quickly set up your team to work remotely?

We have a suite of digital tools that allow people to remain connected, to workshop complex ideas, and collaborate across budgetary and organisational boundaries.

We provide a unique set of working practices and methods that ensure the inclusion, resilience, productivity and wellbeing of staff. Our people are best at developing and managing high-performing remote teams.

Need to quickly understand relative risk and priorities?

4OC’s programme management approach is highly pragmatic as it’s delivered by a team of people who have lead through crises. The approach and tools we use keep leaders in control by providing timely information on risk, impact and how the consequences of decisions can be managed.

This approach rapidly assimilates 4OC’s operational and programme management expertise with our customers’ organisational knowledge so that plans and solutions can be developed quickly. We provide the thinking capacity so you can focus on the very real operational challenges.

Are you suddenly leading a virtual, remote working team? 

Our experience in creating high performing and effective teams, be it virtual or not, is based on our own wide ranging and first hand experience.

We help our clients and leaders to rapidly assess where they and their teams are, and rapidly design new (interim) ways of working. We then safely implement those new processes and systems, including digital and IT capability, to allow teams to collaborate and stay connected, and most importantly to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of the team.

Do your leadership and management teams need support?

4OC’s expert coaches will support your leaders to effectively engage and communicate with their teams at a time when they are expected to have all the answers but are still unsure of the questions.

Our structured approach ranges from the practical through to the emotional. Leaders will need to behave and manage in ways that may be new to them, in situations where the stresses and strains of individuals, teams service users and stakeholders are amplified.


We will rapidly assess the current state of your organisation and develop clear plans to build effective performance

We can help redefine the Why, What and How of your organisation and utilise Business Intelligence to set the framework against which decisions and plans can be referenced.​ We enable rapid development of new or revised operational processes with, if needed, supporting technology.

Is home working putting your customer’s data at risk?

4OC can help your organisation to assess and mitigate these risks. Our expert team of IT and data security professionals will use our Impact Framework to conduct a rapid assessment of the impact that new working practices you may have introduced and provide detailed action plans for rectification.

Have you got an effective plan in place for dealing with your long repair backlog and potential tidal wave of demand?

For a lot of Housing Associations, the dented supply chain, and growing list of non-essential repairs make a prickly logistical problem.

4OC runs a workshop on this. What this will do is give you the clarity on your costs, demand and resourcing. So you can plan for success as we recover.

How can you maintain and improve productivity and keep staff motivated as they work remotely? 

As remote working is increasingly part of the norm for employees, there will be a need to ensure that teams and individuals continue to perform, remain motivated and healthy and that this is supported by good management practice and the right business intelligence.

Our approach is based on our collective experience of managing remote teams, driving change, leading recovery programmes and extensive research on the best theoretical models.

Do you need to understand where to prioritise activity to enhance your operation?

This rapid, light touch diagnostic provide leadership teams with a comparative assessment, baseline, gap analysis and high level improvement plan, so they can make informed decisions about where to focus their teams’ energy and any financial investment.

  • Compares against industry best practice
  • Works with the teams to self-diagnose, raise awareness and start the journey of change
  • Assesses eight key areas and their level of maturity
  • Carried out by experienced subject matter experts

Organisations need to be able to operate in a complex world, where new issues and opportunities emerge and change regularly.

We help organisations adapt by translating data into good information. Alongside this, we develop capability through leadership and management coaching. We implement new ways of working to support leaders in developing, managing and motivating remote teams, while ensuring their wellbeing and resilience.

Have changed work practices resulted in a requirement to regenerate your business measures 

We develop performance frameworks and have tried and tested approaches to co-designing solutions with you to identify and create new business dashboards and reports.  

Our team will provide an end-to-end solution including: 

  • Data sourcing, cleansing and structuring  
  • Design and build of tailored dashboards in Microsoft Power BI 

Do you require additional capability or capacity to help deliver change into your organisation?

Our support ranges from setting up and managing Programme Management Offices to managing major change programmes and system implementations.

We have a set of proven tools and a methodology, which have ensured that all 4OC projects have delivered on time and within budget. We will leave these tools behind and train staff in our approach and methods.

Do you need to secure additional investment to develop your services, technology or buildings?

Our approach to developing business cases ensures that everyone understands what will be required to deliver it.

We outline the impacts, risks and opportunities of implementing the business case so that leadership teams can make informed decisions in the proper context. We engage those who will be managing the change early in the process, so that they fully understand their roles in it.

Are you developing the future leaders your organisation will need?

Volatility is here to stay. This places new demands on leadership to develop a greater level of comfort with complexity, risk and uncertainty, acting as role models through influence and collaboration and creativity – even in times of significant challenge.

Our approach, based on research and experience, builds today the leadership capability needed for tomorrow…

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