Our values


we use our tools and methods, our ideas, personalities and energy to develop innovative and creative solutions with our clients


we are wholly focussed on the quality of our work, delivering real improvements and, crucially, a meaningful impact for the service user


we are open and honest with each other and our clients, and genuinely care about how we do our work


we work closely together, look out for each other, and create an environment that encourages everyone to try new things

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More good reasons to work here

We’ve always taken the view that getting a quality outcome is waaaaay more important than clock watching. And that the world of the 9 to 5, Monday-Friday office job is no longer good enough. Neither for our clients, nor for our people. Where we have a deadline, we make sure we meet it. Where you have a life, we make sure you keep it.

We do part-time, flexi-time, full time and hammer time. If you want to do something different, let’s create it so that 4OC can be a great place to work for you too.

With our office in Central London, featuring cycle park ‘facilities’, we support the Cycle to Work scheme, which enables any member of the team to purchase a bike tax-free. Whether you want to use your new wheels for your daily commute or to improve your general fitness, the scheme helps you save a minimum of 25% off the cost.

4OC is a cult.

Well, we like to spend time together in and out of work. I’ll admit I didn’t look up the Oxford English Dictionary definition of cult but I assume it’s all about having a good time with people you like.

We’re still quite young (not individually, I refer you to our rogue’s gallery) as a company and so our social offer is evolving and growing. We go to the pub, we have office breakfasts cooked by the boss, BBQs, dart tournaments, some arty stuff and we now have a team of people dedicated to finding new, fun things to do. We’d like to hear your ideas when you join

Wear socks. But not just socks. We do dress down Friday every day. It’s the 21st Century and we don’t see any reason for people to wear a uniform to work. However, not everyone feels the same so we always dress appropriately when we start work on a new client site. Well, until we convince them to come over to the dark side.

If you like wearing a suit, you absolutely can (but never pinstripe or swim).

We offer a pension. The Government said we had to. Apparently it’s very sensible. We match your contribution and/or do all the things that we should in this regard. If you want to ask for more details about this, then definitely drop us a line. Our Head of Pension Information Sharing will be in touch.

This one is a little bit sneaky. We’re keen for people to do more training as part of their career development at 4OC. Sneaky? Well, the better you are and the more you know, the more valuable you are to 4OC. And we can put you in front of more people with wider ties.

We do in-house training, out-house training (that sounds wrong) and ongoing coaching and mentoring throughout your time here. You will have a dedicated buddy too who will be able to point you at everything you need to know.

James Curran

Director of Corporate Services

“I joined 4OC soon after it started and I’ve been here ever since. It’s honestly a great place to work. Everyone is encouraged to get involved in all sorts of areas of the business and you always feel like your views are valued. I enjoy coming to work almost every day.”