Transformation and Change

We support and drive change and transformation in public service delivery, helping our customers to deliver more impactful, effective and better-integrated services. From service-level change through to organisation-wide transformation programmes, we have delivered at least 449 successful programmes (and that other one we don’t talk about).

People are always at the heart of any successful change programme, which is why we work closely with you and your teams to co-design the right approach and ensure that those teams are at the heart of the change you want to bring about.

We have refined and continue to refine our methodology into a proven way of managing change. Our approach delivers results, while being meaningful for everyone involved.

When we leave, and we always do, we handover a legacy for your teams – by providing the right kind of training and the tools they require, and by instilling the confidence they need to manage future change opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that your change really happens, and that it sticks.


Here at 4OC, we aspire to have a positive influence on the world. We recognise that our customers feel the same, which is why we’ve developed a collection of tools and frameworks that provide clear insights into an organisations environmental and social impact.

You can employ our transformative Sustainability Framework, giving you decision and investment making frameworks, access to the latest innovations, rapid improvement cycles, employee and resident engagement programmes and much more

Or the rapid Sustainability Health Check supporting collaboration and providing in depth reporting on your risks, priorities, and actions in line with Decarbonisation Fund requirements, Sustainability Reporting Standards and Sustainable Bond Principles.

These can be established alongside our Regulatory and Legislative Compliance Measures to ensure that you can plan out and prioritise the actions that will minimise risk.

Our machine learning-driven platform, Chameleon, helps identify areas in need of improvement and investment prioritisation, opportunities for collaboration and measures for success. Through our years of experience and expertise in business strategy and change we will work alongside your teams to co-design the right approach to developing your green strategy and delivering impactful changes towards net zero carbon.

Organisational Excellence

The most effective organisations are successful because they align the following key elements in their organisation design:

    • Leadership
    • Decision making and Structure
    • People
    • Work Processes and Systems
    • Culture

Typically, what we do at 4OC is to carry out an assessment of each of these elements during a short discovery phase. This provides you with an accurate view of your current set up, what works and where the gaps are.

From there, we would aim to co-design an approach, supported by a detailed plan, to begin the process of improving your organisation’s performance. Someday soon we’ll apply this approach to 4OC. Who knows where we’ll end up.

Our expertise and experience in organisation design, building operating models and redefining service delivery allows us to support and guide organisations on that route to becoming fully effective. This is reinforced by having a team with a depth of operational experience – we use their knowledge to work with you to put that plan into action.

Customer Experience

We are driven by delivering positive outcomes for service users – the customers of the organisations that we work with. Our own measure of success is determined by what impact our work will have on these customers. We build in measures to capture the impact of new services or business improvements on the service user’s experience. (We also bring Christmas cracker level jokes – these are included but optional).

We bring a wide array of experiences from our team, and they will plan with your team, what the impact of any solution options will be.

These people are from Digital Design, Solution Architecture, Project Management, Change Management and Operational delivery backgrounds – and their approach is to listen, think, design, plan and deliver change that improves the experience for the customer, having considered the options and agreed a recommended solution.

People Development

People development is essential for thriving and sustaining organisations, be they large or small. It is directly related to employee morale, engagement, retention and the performance of the organisation. All of which impact the customer, or user experience. We are experts in the development of leaders, individuals and teams, and helping them be successful.

We work at all levels of the organisation, from the board to the operational frontline, bringing a mix of leadership experience, behavioural science and organisation development to deliver the best interventions, including individual and group coaching, team development, learning and cultural change programmes.

Our offer includes:

    • Executive Coaching and Mentoring: professional and confidential sessions for organisation leaders with coaches who have a track record in professional and executive roles.
    • Team Development: helping high-performing teams to stretch their potential, underperforming or dysfunctional teams to work productively and teams going through reorganisation or change to come together around united goals.
    • Learning and cultural change programmes: identifying the best organisation and people interventions to develop the capability of your staff and or shift the culture of the organisation.

Digital and Technology

Technology is one of three core pillars that ensure the effective functioning of your organisation, alongside people and process. With the ongoing, rapid rate of change and disruption in the technology and digital space, organisations need to be in a position to respond quickly or to be future proofed against these disruptions.

One of our key products that we use with our clients is a rapid process automating tool, built on the Microsoft 365 system that quickly delivers measurable outcomes: Rapid Process Improvement

Like a high-end Specsavers, we can support you in developing your future vision. Less like Specsavers, we can then help capture your requirements, support the procurement process, manage suppliers and work with you to deliver the technology solution you need to deliver your strategy.

Increasingly organisations are moving from owning tech to using tech, accessing most of the services that they need in the cloud. We use our tools and experience to put controls in place and simplify that transition process, while putting in place a structure to ensure that you can continue to effectively deliver services as usual to your customers.

Strategy Development

Our approach to strategy development is based on our core principle of co-design and recognises the importance of starting with a robust and wide-ranging stakeholder engagement. This ensures that we understand the aspirations and challenges faced by the organisation, and also helps us to identify the ‘drivers for change’, which the strategy must address.

A second vital activity we undertake is structured data analysis to get a clear baseline on your organisation in relation to performance, costs and workforce. We use the findings from both the initial engagements and analytical work to inform the next stage, which is to support the co-design of your vision, values and strategic objectives. These combine to provide a map of the future direction of the organisation.

Once the strategy has been defined, we can work with you to develop and agree the timeline, activities and resourcing needed to make it a reality.

Project and Programme Management

We work with change and operational teams to understand their challenges and tailor our programme management methodologies to address those challenges. Whether you are setting up a new programme, require design or delivery support, need to recover programme slippage, or require external assurance, we can help.

Our offer includes:

    • Design: We design programmes of change focussed upon user and business needs, that have clearly defined deliverables, timeframes and outcomes that can be measured
    • Delivery: Using our skilled and experience programme resources, we use a framework of delivery methodologies to help ensure successful outcomes for our customers
    • Recovery: If your programme is failing, we use our programme professionals to quickly assess the root cause of underperforming programmes and provide practical fixes to make immediate impact
    • Audit: We use a line of enquiry approach to carry out programme audits through a combination of documentation sampling and face to face engagement, to quickly understand any areas of non-compliance and related improvement recommendations

Bid Management

We support customers in bidding and mobilising large-scale government-funded contracts across central and local government, the NHS and in the private sector.

Read more about our core offering here: Bid Management 

While our clients can commission us to support across the full bid and mobilisation phases, we’re happy to offer tailored, specialist support for any element of the bid process, wherever and whenever you identify a clear need.

We provide a full end-to-end bid management service, including:

    • Pre-bidding Qualification: supporting ‘bid or no-bid’ decision making
    • End-to-End Bid Support: bid management, writing, solution design, commercial and financial modelling
    • Contract Mobilisation: planning and project delivery (MTT)
    • Competitive Dialogue: support and subject matter expertise
    • Contract Go-Live: access to a range of senior, experienced former operators with proven change programme expertise to support your mobilisation

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