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Leadership Development

We provide the leaders of today with the confidence, capability, tools and techniques to lead in rapidly changing, complex environments.

Your Challenge

A huge amount of academic thought has gone into defining leadership and how to develop the skills and attributes to become a successful leader. However, there are some things that are certain: We need good leaders at all levels, and we should define leaders by what they do (behaviours) and not simply what they say they will.

  • Does your organisation need a coherent approach together for developing its leaders?
  • Have the future leaders of the organisation been identified and nurtured?
  • Are your leaders managing change and transition well?
  • Do you need to make broader and better use of your people’s talents and capabilities?

Catherine Cross


Catherine Cross


Our Approach

Underpinned by extensive research, our approach is based on our collective experience of managing teams to executive level, driving change, leading recovery programmes and developing the leaders that will deliver the future organisation.

It is highly practical and firmly cements the development experience with the day to day challenges of leading, including building effective and productive teams and responding to and managing change.

Development activities are specifically tailored to the needs of the individual and organisation, delivered by highly experienced senior leaders and qualified coaches.

We use a range of industry leading psychometric tools to facilitate awareness, constructive discussion and team building.

The Outputs

1) A series of highly tailored personal and team development interventions developed to meet the long-term skills and capabilities that your organisation of the future will need to be successful

2) Personal and team development plans linked to the objectives of the organisation and existing performance regimes

3) A measurement regime that helps to identify latent talent, identify capability risks and track the impact of the development interventions

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