Business Case Development

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Business Case Development

Helping organisations to appraise options, manage risks and commit to strategic decisions

Your Challenge

Appraising strategic options to develop your organisation has never been more complex. As the landscape across all sectors becomes more volatile and uncertain, organisations will need to adopt increasingly robust approaches to ensure that the balance of their strategic investment decisions anticipates and is resilient to the complexity of risks the organisation faces.

  • Do you struggle to align the diverse needs of stakeholders around a clear plan for the financial or strategic resourcing of a priority?
  • Is the sheer breadth and complexity of options getting in the way of charting a path and providing much needed clarity?
  • Does your organisation need to critically assess the balance of its assets and investments in order to ensure long term financial resilience?

Andrew Smith

Our Response

Our approach to developing business cases ensures that everyone understands and buys into the aims of your project and signs up to deliver what will be required to bring about the change.

We outline the impacts, risks, costs and opportunities of implementing the business case, so that leadership teams can make informed decisions in the proper context.

Our suite of business case tools helps teams to develop proposals from concept through to full implementation. Throughout our engagement, our approach is defined by ensuring that:

  1. Your business case meets the (often challenging) requirements of funding and regulatory bodies for your sector
  2. The case fully develops and evaluates the potential improvement options to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes (both financial and strategic)
  3. The approach to benefits modelling and risk management is accurate and realistic
  4. A robust financial model that meets the needs of your decision makers and your investors is in place
  5. All relevant stakeholders are engaged and their input is reflected in the business case
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The Output

1. At the start of the process we will take the time to explore with you what you are seeking to achieve through your business case, so that there is a really clear scope and set of defined benefits

2. We will develop a business case which is tailored to meet your specific organisational requirements and the those of your regulators or funding bodies

3. We will make sure that we take the time to evaluate the options, benefits, risks and costs with you and your stakeholders, so that these are really clear and that your organisation is equipped to take ownership of implementation.

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