Behind the 4OCenes – Patrick Overs

4OC is made up of lots of different teams, some of whom do the brilliant behind the scenes work we need to keep our shiny project work ticking along. Take a sneak peek at a day-in-the-life of one of our Business Support Coordinators, Patrick Overs.

Thriving in the Era of Engagement

Yasmin Wills invites us to embrace a warmer, more personal way of nurturing talent with ‘Thriving in the Era of Engagement.’ Discover a world where continuous feedback and growth go hand-in-hand, making every day at work an opportunity to learn, achieve, and shine together.

Developing your people while building your organisation

4OC came together with Connex, the Housing Leadership Network, and several housing leaders for a workshop on the need for and benefits of developing your people while delivering change. Facilitated by Catherine Cross and Paul Marray, the discussion focused on the need for organisations to invest in improving their teams’ capabilities in parallel to investing in new technologies. What everyone agreed was the importance of establishing effective change management, providing clear communications and developing talent to enable successful system implementations and organisational growth.

4OC Ireland Abú

We finally all get together in Athlone, at the centre of Ireland, to talk strategy, operations, the size of the fish that Paul caught, magical healing powers and everything in between. We’re really excited about building up the company in Ireland.

LGMA. Digital Strategy. Progress Report.

by Geraldine Rynne Introduction 4OC were recently commissioned by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) to co-develop with them a Digital and ICT Strategy in partnership with the 31 Local Authorities across Ireland. This strategic phase has a core aim to shape the future of local government by harnessing the power of technology and collaboration.  [...]

The Summer QR (no code required)

A short post about some of the things we get up to inside the organisation. One of our Strategic Aims is that 4OC is a great place to work, be and to stay as long as you so choose. Here we talk about some of the ways we do that. And that everyone has their part in it.

Responding to changes in workplace culture

In our fast-paced working world, one thing we often don’t stop to consider is how we relate to the concept of ‘work’ – what is work, what should it look like, and how responsive should we be to cultural and contextual changes in the 21st century? 

Oram Sarsfield’s 2023, Spring: The Season for Hope.

A little tale about getting back to our roots and enjoying doing a little bit back in the community. This time, we talk about our sponsorship of a small GAA club in Monaghan and why we chose this village.

Having the difficult conversations: unconscious bias and microaggressions

Bright Osemwegie, one of our project managers, discusses the concept of unconscious bias and microaggressions. He talks through how to deal with an example scenario and shares his thoughts on how to be best equipped to have the difficult conversations in situations where others may be put in an uncomfortable position.

A thought for World Thinking Day

One of our Senior Analysts, Amanda Medler, term of office as Chief Guide at Girlguiding comes to its conclusion today. This coincides with World Thinking Day, which has been celebrated by the movement as a day of international friendship since 1926. We’re proud to be joining in with thanking her for all she’s done for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Here she shares her own thoughts on World Thinking Day.

Tech Improvement and Change Management: the PEOPLE

Wilson highlights how to manage complex digital transformation through effective change management, involving people and culture. Co-design with operational teams can unlock workforce creativity and productivity. Clarity of vision is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page, while effective sponsorship ensures transformation aims stay on course and benefits are realised. He draws on a few case studies to demonstrate how these approaches can improve outcomes and aid digital transformation.

3…2…1…4OC launches in Ireland!

UK-based consultancy 4OC has launched in Ireland to provide public service transformation consultancy services, focusing on transport, health, housing, local government, and education. The company will work with government bodies to improve organisation, systems, efficiencies, and value. Fran Hoey will lead our Irish business.

Bringing Digital Tools to the Public Sector

While there is a clear value add from introducing technology to the public sector, uptake has been historically slow. Esteban Chinetti returns to share his perspective on how a digitalisation is analogous to a healthy routine, along with some suggestions for making it successful.

Spoon Theory and the Workplace

Transformational ideas require time and space to be developed and fostered. Ariel Dickson, a health savvy project lead at 4OC, offers up some suggestions for how you can identify the right people and enable them to birth and breed these Game Changing ideas.

Adding Value

With fierce operational challenges now the norm in health and care services, it’s hard to find the time and headspace to focus on improving value. Loretta Outhwaite, a former healthcare Chief Finance Officer, offers her top tips for bringing it into the centre of our thinking and making it a habit you won’t want to break.

Embedding Sustainability as part of workplace culture

by Natasha Dwane Introduction Sustainability has become part of all of our lives and far more than a buzz word for businesses. According to a UK survey, 85% of the public believe that living more sustainably is vital. As more individuals are becoming more conscious about their decisions as consumers and caring more about what [...]

The Future is Hybrid

There is no end of discussion and debate about the pros and cons of hybrid working. But one thing is certain, it’s here to stay in some form or other. We revisit some of the arguments in this piece written by our in-house psychologist Kim Wakelam, and offer some Top Tips for making hybrid working a success.

John Curran talks…

by John Curran John Curran was recently interviewed by techUK about his vision for the future of local public services and where digital can make a difference to people and society. The interview, published on the techUK website, is below: TechUK: Welcome, John. Firstly, tell me more about you, your career, and how you [...]

The Damp and Disrepair crisis in Housing

by Andrew Muir Me too? Prime time documentaries on housing squalor. Thousands of negative comments on Twitter. Being called out by Michael Gove. Is this fair? Aren’t Social Housing providers supposed to be the good ones…? The poor quality, unacceptable living conditions and, in a few cases, the safety of some homes is the social [...]

Opportunities and challenges for joined up services

by John de la Rue The ambition to join up services No-one would argue that joining up services across the public sector is a bad idea which is why it’s been an ambition of successive governments for decades - either to improve services to customers or save money (or, more usually, both). The recent spate [...]

Technology – it’s (nearly) all about people

by Kevin Gallagher Introduction All organisations thrive when they have great people focused on a clear purpose.  This is especially true in technology, which relies so much on teamwork and complementary skills to deliver real impact. Attracting and retaining the best people has been a challenge in the technology sector for as long as I [...]

Challenges and Opportunities for Technology Leaders (Part 2 of 2)

by Kevin Gallagher There is no magic solution to dealing with the issues currently facing tech teams. There are, however, practical strategies that tech leaders can implement to move towards their goals, according to 4OC’s Digital and Technology Lead, Kevin Gallagher, formerly Digital Change Director at the Ministry of Justice and the CIO for Channel [...]

Challenges and Opportunities for Technology Leaders (Part 1 of 2)

by Kevin Gallagher Introduction Ask CIOs and senior technology leaders what they want to be known for and their responses will revolve around ensuring that their organisation meets their strategic goals. Those goals will include providing better public services, increasing customer satisfaction, delivering digital products and giving their colleagues access to the data and insight [...]