Mentoring – 4OC Styleee

In this piece, three of the team, Izzy, Saskia and Julia talk about the concept of mentoring, how we employ it in 4OC and the value that it has brought to each of them

Fuzzy Front End ate my Project, part 2

In this second piece, John Curran discusses the five key areas that need to be considered to ensure that projects get off the ground

Fuzzy Front End ate my Project, part 1

John Curran discusses fuzzy front ends – the things that happen (or don’t) at the start of the process for progressing projects

Contract Mobilisation: Getting it Right

Start with the Bid by Fran Hoey Introduction We know from personal, and sometimes painful, experience that the world of Business Development can be exciting, hard work, generates great camaraderie, is immensely stressful but ultimately can deliver big rewards. It can also really knock your social and family life sideways, particularly when a commissioner has [...]

Recovery and Value Creation

A quick insight from Emma Adair on our responsibility to use the current turbulence in society to effect really positive change for everyone.

Living with Uncertainty

3. A view from, but not of, Argentina by Esteban Chinetti What do I mean by uncertainty There is an aspect of any environment that subtly steers planning, expectations, risk appetites, costs and even stress levels in the same direction. This aspect is uncertainty. I used to think that the key drivers framing potential failures [...]

Wellbeing and the Workplace

Catherine Cross talks about just some of the things that we’ve been doing to make our workplace a great workplace. Even if these days, it’s almost 100% a virtual workplace!

Delivering Successful Programmes, Pt. 1

The first in a short series of thought pieces from John Curran that investigates the elements of successful programme management and delivery. This one is a bit longer than the usual, so buckle up …

DWP Employability Programmes 2021-25: Challenges and Opportunities – Part 2

A follow up piece on the challenges and opportunities from the significant and difficult environment that has resulted from the covid-19 pandemic. Andy Bowie, from our partner 50 Degrees, provides a fresh perspective.

DWP – Employability Programmes 2021-25

The DWP has just launched its new Employability Programme for 2021-25. In the first of a short series about the impact of this on the market, we asked David McDougall from 50 Degrees for his thoughts.

News: 4OC and Agilyx get it together

We’re really excited (in a measured, professional way) about 4OC and Agilyx agreeing a new partnership through which we will deliver truly effective digital transformation for our customers

A short story about Bureaucracy

Esteban’s second piece on his journey from Argentina to a new life in the UK. This time around, he explores the similarities and differences, benefits and drawbacks of bureaucracy in the public sector in both countries.

Programme Management – Complex Change Made Easy

We have developed, and keep refining, a really successful Programme Management approach. Our methodology guarantees successful delivery every time. Here’s a bit on why …