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Programme Management

We work with you, your teams and the supply chain to develop models for any scenario that you will encounter resulting from the lockdown and it’s relaxation.

Your Challenge

Managing the activities in response to the pandemic, the new business as usual AND the objectives you wanted to achieve pre-lockdown is challenging. The timescales for delivery are becoming compressed and the criticality of each delivery is increasing.

It’s very easy to get lost in the formalities of getting a programme of work up and running. All too often it seems that the reason for change is being lost in the construct of the programme. Technical language associated with projects is more common than the language your stakeholders will understand.

4OC will help you generate pace in delivery and ensure that the team are completely focussed on the outcome that needs to be achieved. The programme and project disciplines are a by-product of the experience our teams offer, all of whom come from operational disciplines in Housing. Local and Central Government, Education and the private sector.

Free Discovery Workshop

What will we do?

In this 1-2 hour session, we’ll work with you to better define your need, understand the obstacles in your way and prioritise next steps

Meet a Programme Manager/Director and find out how you can plan the delivery of change around your existing service provision

What will you get?

  • Clear understanding of how to solve your problem
  • A summary report with a suggested high-level plan

    Our Approach

    Our support ranges from setting up and managing Programme Management Offices to designing and then delivering complex change programmes and system implementations, whether through Agile or traditional Waterfall methods.

    Our programme and project management support is pragmatic. It has been developed and is delivered by highly skilled and experienced project and programme managers.

    • We undertake extensive engagement and co-design to ensure right people are involved in the development of the solution and have regular visibility of progress and thinking
    • We provide a repeatable set of methods, tools and templates so our clients can continue to develop the solution and thinking at the end of 4OC’s involvement
    • We ensure that our way of working increases the skills and capability of the staff involved in the project through knowledge transfer
    • We recognise that the key people we want to engage already have a full-time day job, so we ensure that each interaction with them is meaningful
    • We ensure programme management controls, governance and cost tracking are established and utilised to measure the performance of the programme against milestones. We also embed accurate financial forecasting, manage dependencies, risks and decision making
    • We effectively manage the lifecycle of each project from detailed design to testing, through to transition planning and roll out
    • We bring consistent challenge to ensure the programme meets its design principles and realises the intended benefits.

    “The range of experience the 4OC team brought to our team was subtly deployed and genuinely useful in avoiding pitfalls associated with managing and implementing change.”

    Carl Byrne, Director of Housing, Notting Hill Genesis Housing

    Our Solution

    Alongside our very experienced teams, we have developed the 4OC Project Portal platform that:

    • Provides detailed and summarised plans in a variety of accessible forms that ensures delivery is actively monitored
    • Identifies the key constraints and dependencies that we will work with your teams to manage and mitigate
    • Ensures that the products delivered meets the agreed quality
    • Provides up to the minute status on all aspects of the programme from progress to resources and from risks to benefits delivery
    • This platform also provides project team co-ordination based on various aspects of the Microsoft 365 suite