Redesigning your MI

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Redesigning your MI

We will rapidly generate new, up to date MI to help you with your immediate decision-making priorities. 

Your Challenge

In the current environment, with many people working from home, customer patterns have changed markedly. In addition, resourcing and routes to market have been disrupted and normal reporting no longer provides the insight needed. Some key issues that will need your attention include: 

1. How does home-working change the responsibilities for managers and team leaders?  

2. Has customer engagement changed in form that will require a different perspective?

One part of your response needs to be a rapid redevelopment of reporting metrics, stabilisation of data flows and embedding revised workflows.


John Curran

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Our Approach

Data is the lifeblood of all operational delivery functions. When distilled, formatted and distributed it is the basis on which business decisions get made. This data is derived from mature workflows within organisations, workflows that have been worked and reworked over months and years.

The current crisis has disrupted and regenerated workflows with a knock-on effect on the ability of managers to manage as effectively.

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We have a well-established data practice that generates performance models for a wide range of organisations. We are a Microsoft partner with a growing PowerBI practice focused on data analytics, performance management frameworks, management and executive dashboards based on a strong grounding in data and data flow management.

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The Outputs

1. Through our structured approach and a shared understanding of your needs we will develop the Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards for use in your business.

2. We will work with your operational teams to ensure the measures and associated management controls are understood and embedded within your organisation.

3. Our approach accommodates your teams taking responsibility for the delivery of various aspects of the engagement and we will leave behind some formal learning and tools.

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