Managing through a Crisis

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Managing through a Crisis

We provide rapid support to hard-pressed line managers to help you manage your crisis response and your business as usual.

Your Challenge

It feels challenging enough to manage yourself and your own reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic, but for those of us responsible for managing staff during this time there are a number of additional challenges. These include:

1. What support to make available to staff to allow them to deal with the shock of dealing with a pandemic and a big change to their daily existence, including some significant changes to the way that they work

2. How best for managers to communicate and engage with staff in situations like these

3. How to be productive while working in a home environment

4. Managing, measuring and reporting on organisational impact

Helen's Profile

Helen Blanchard

Crisis 1
‘We found working with 4OC on this rapid service transformation project a wholly positive experience. Staff were naturally wary at the start of the project that something was going to be done to them and that they would have no control over what the project did. This caution soon evaporated, as the 4OC  approach was inclusive, supportive and engaging’
Deputy Director of Finance, NHS Community and Mental Health Trust

Our Approach

Our team has a lot of experience of giving organisations practical, hands on operational and project management support as they work through major changes, often at short notice.

This includes setting up new services, transforming existing ones and even bringing previously outsourced services back in house.

We can help you work with your team to clarify your priorities, to establish new ways of working and to ensure that staff receive the communications, support and coaching that they need in order to thrive and to perform.

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The Outputs

1. We will work with you and your team to clarify your priorities for managing your operations over the coming months, and to identify the support that your team will need to achieve your objectives.

2. We will put together a staff support plan and help you to deliver the necessary support, whether this is coaching, communications or additional training

3. We will help you to put in place the operational ‘nuts and bolts’ that your staff need in order to thrive, whether this is agile operational policies and work processes or new performance measures.

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