People, Leadership and Change

People, Leadership and Change

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Our People, Leadership and Change team helps leaders to bring their people and systems together to develop and build organisations that people want to be part of and succeed in.

What’s on your mind?


  • Do you need to deliver transformational change at pace and in a way that is embedded in your organisation and is collectively owned?
  • Are you looking to align the organisation’s values, structure, systems and culture to its strategy?
  • Do you want to improve your conversations and decision making with clearer direction, more ownership and accountability, increased trust and healthy conflict?
  • Do you want to increase collaboration, innovation and collective leadership?
  • Are you struggling with board, leadership and wider team performance?
  • Are you wondering how you become an agile and adaptive organisation?

How can we help?

We bring together the latest insights, research and practices with our experience and your needs, to deliver the best outcomes for you.

We can help you to apply collaborative tools and techniques to grow the capabilities of your organisation to improve productivity alongside the wellbeing of staff.

Together, we can unravel almost any complex issue and turn your efforts into social value.

The Team

Our team is made of Change leaders, Organisation Development experts, accredited Coaches, Work Psychologists and more who combine their deep people and change insight with real experience to help you make sustaining change.

A snapshot of some of our clients

NHS Supply Chain

Executive Coaching and building high-performing leadership teams


Defining Organisation Values and Shaping the Strategy

Reach Out Provider Collaborative

Increasing collaboration and partnership performance


Rapid Process Improvement cycles using Complex Adaptive Change approaches

London Councils

Building a growth-based culture


Leadership Team Development and GC Index ©

NHS Devon Partnership Trust

Organisation Development review: Executive Structure and Organisation Culture

NHS Southwest Provider Collaborative

Development, coaching and mentoring support

You can contact us at:

 call the office on: 020 3965 3948