Our Partners

Our Partners

Here at 4OC, we develop relationships with smaller companies with specific expertise that, when combined, offer greater impact for our clients.


Pairing Operational Expertise with a No-Code Data Insight Solution.

Morphologic was the first of our partners. It was founded by our very own Emma Adair (how clever is she?!), and we think they offer something really special.

So, what is Morphologic?

The Morphologic no-code, intelligent platform has an outcomes-focused design to support you to establish data-led delivery across your organisation, from understanding where employee effort is best spent, to performance trends insight, to aided decision-making. Morphologic does it all.

It’s fully no code: The people in your team who are the experts in the day-to-day operations can be expert application builders, with every application feeling custom made.

It’s smart: The design and technology enable better decision making through accessible data. This is achieved through an integration of machine learning and a behavioural science framework.

It’s fast: A simple, role-based access control and testing environment enables quick and effective improvement.

It’s secure: There is the option for 2-factor authentication, and your data is held in a secure cloud environment or your own environment.

The Partnership

With 4OC bringing the operational expertise, ensuring that your organisation is ready to adopt digital change that will stick, and Morphologic providing an accessible and agile digital solution, it’s a partnership that just makes sense.

Want to validate existing knowledge or reshape your organisation’s approaches based on insight-led data? We have the answer. Well, Emma does.


Using System Dynamics research to overhaul public service decision making

So, what is UCL (and more importantly, System Dynamics)?

University College London’s (UCL) Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering designs and delivers research on the interactions between the built environment and health, human wellbeing, productivity, energy use and climate change.

Together, 4OC and UCL recognise there is a major challenge in developing a collaborative understanding of the conflicts and tensions of different neighbourhood issues and prioritisation of problems/solutions.

UCL is working with 4OC to co-develop a stronger understanding of the complex systems that lead to significant delivery problems with publicly funded community services.


The goal of this work is to improve the delivery of system strategic priorities (such as population health, social value, second chances and fair criminal services, etc.) within the available resources, whilst engaging local residents, who form a necessary part of the solution.

The Partnership

Using a systems thinking tool called Causal Loop Diagrams, 4OC and UCL are highlighting the interconnections of factors within the test case of West Northamptonshire Council in an exploratory project examining the use of System Dynamics.

The project aims to understand the complexity and leverage points for service delivery, increase systems thinking-based decision making in practice, and support the mitigation of risk relating to inequalities.

By bringing together 4OC on-the-ground realities with cutting-edge academic research and theory, we are trailblazing what it truly means to deliver public social and economic value.

We Are Digital

Driving digital inclusivity within digital transformation

We Are Digital is a partner that revolutionises our digital transformation products and services by providing breakthrough support on digital inclusion.

So, who are We Are Digital?

We Are Digital is a social impact company that aims for everyone to easily access digital services, advice and support needed to confidently live their lives to the fullest. They have developed an innovative platform that helps to run welfare services end-to-end, increasing efficiency for client organisations, delivery companies and impact for end users.

One of their five core services is digital inclusion support. We Are Digital recognises that in today’s online world, for millions of people, lack of opportunity means hardship and lost opportunity.

Like 4OC, We Are Digital values everyone treating everyone as equals, which is why they have developed and honed training to catalyse digital inclusion across housing associations, local authorities, central government and more! Engagement is at the centre of their model, which aligns with our own, to drive impact that leads to outcomes.

The Partnership

4OC, as the lead change management partner, helps organisations embed change. We Are Digital makes sure that the change reaches every nook and cranny. By providing online and offline support and training, We Are Digital ensures that service users who struggle with using digital services are not pushed out from those services in organisations’ quest to adopt and transform digitally.

As our partner, We Are Digital also ensures that 4OC utilises the best, most inclusive tools to successfully deliver project and programme management that supports organisations through digital transformation.


Supporting you in designing and actioning IT strategies

4OC is proud to launch its latest partnership with the leader in bringing that technical edge to IT transformation services. Welcome to the floor, CoStratify.

So, who is CoStratify?

CoStratify has a strong technical and service delivery background, co-owned and founded by a technical leadership team having more than 15 years’ experience in delivering and advising on IT change.

Like 4OC, CoStratify wants to ensure that clients get the most value possible from their technology. They utilise an Enterprise Architecture approach that prioritises consistency, transparency, and continuity so that digital services align with the business in the most cost-effective and efficient way. CoStratify brings a fully independent viewpoint to projects ensuring that, in parallel, transformation is underpinned by strong evidence of change.

CoStratify works across multiple public service delivery sectors, such as local government, housing and health, which makes them a perfect fit for us.

The Partnership

4OC recognises the power of digital transformation in the public sector and beyond. Our partnership with CoStratify enables us to offer a wider range of technical subject matter experts and digital tools to our clients to lead end-to-end digital transformations.

Together, we support you to conceptualise your needs and requirements, source the best technology for you, and integrate it within your existing systems and staff ways of working, so you can continue to maximise the benefits of digital change.

You can contact us at: hello@the4oc.com

 call the office on: 020 3965 3948