4OC were recently commissioned by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) to co-develop with them a Digital and ICT Strategy in partnership with the 31 Local Authorities across Ireland. This strategic phase has a core aim to shape the future of local government by harnessing the power of technology and collaboration. 

The overarching focus for the new strategy is simply around how digital technology can support local authorities carry out their work and better deliver services to the public. It is an important step in the modernisation and improvement of local government Digital and ICT services.

Engagement. And more engagement

In the past week (w/e Friday, July 28), we have engaged with over 200 stakeholders who are integral to this transformative journey. The active participation of citizens from a wide range of counties, age groups, and those with accessibility needs has provided invaluable insights and perspectives.

Additionally, the involvement of citizen groups like Age Friendly Ireland and the Independent Living Movement Ireland, as well as the various technology partners, has ensured that the LGMA are capturing diverse viewpoints and equally importantly, innovative ideas. This collective effort is actively driving a comprehensive and collectively agreed Digital and ICT Strategy. Once finalised, the next step is that the strategy will be tailored to the unique needs of each local authority.

Strategy. Action. Impact. 

We believe that technology, when properly commissioned and implemented well, can be a hugely powerful force for positive change. With this new strategy, the goals are to empower communities, to enhance citizen experiences anImg 0074d to create a more connected and efficient local government ecosystem. We see our partnership with the LGMA as a real opportunity to foster innovation in the public sector and, more importantly, deliver the most effective service to citizens. 

Stay tuned for updates on progress as we work towards reshaping how local government can work. The plan is to map out the route to, and then deliver on, a future where technology is harnessed to empower citizens, businesses, and staff to thrive.