Yasmin Wills

Principal Consultant

All the good things

Finding a new solution to a really complex issue; Helping people thrive; Achieving something that felt impossible

And the bad things

Marmite (Why??) and a can’t-do attitude

What do you do when you’re not working?

Spending time with my energetic sons, who love to teach me all about space and Pokémon! I love running (When the run is finished!), live music, being in the water, and trying something new with my lovely friends and family.

A bit about me

I love walking into a massive challenge, unknotting all the issues, designing creative solutions and making them a reality that gives people a big smile. This has been a running theme throughout my master’s degree and my career, where I started from operational change management and progressed to senior leadership roles in health care, the third sector and primary care.

What drives me is making people’s lives better and easier, and it really warms my heart when I see the solutions in action. One solution I am particularly proud of was bringing in a new, multi-disciplinary Tissue Viability Service to support people who had been suffering from wounds for years that often left them housebound and unable to do the things in life that mattered to them. I remember one person was facing amputation and was very socially isolated, but the new team were able to heal the wounds without surgery and the person was able to walk again, completely transforming their life.

When I first met 4OC, I instantly knew they also cared about making a positive difference. I am incredibly lucky to be working with such an inspirational and supportive team.