Sustainability Framework

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Sustainability Framework

Creating sustainable organisations, fit for the future.


Our uniquely designed Sustainability Framework tool, combined with the 4OC skillset, has the capability to transform organisations – making operations more sustainable. By focusing on more sustainable solutions, staying ahead of regulatory scrutiny, organisations can have a positive impact on communities, wider social change and the planet for generations to come.

Your Challenge

There is an urgent need for organisations globally to operate more sustainably if we hope to meet climate targets and take better care of our planet. Your organisation is in a position to do much more to support the environment, but the challenges are numerous. Funding is tight, conflicting priorities are abundant, data doesn’t give you the information you need and decisions around sustainability typically fall by the wayside. Employ

Regulation and targets around sustainability practices is only getting closer, and pressure from customers to create greater social value is growing. There is both a business and a moral imperative to act now, aligning good sustainable intentions with tangible actions.

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Our Approach

Our experienced transformation practitioners will inject capacity, capability and pace into the changes required. Some of the techniques we use include:

Diagnose where you are now with our Sustainability Health Check: By cutting through the noise, creating clarity about what needs to be done, and showing you how to get there.

Unravel complexity: Removing the blockers to change, simplifying decision making processes, uncovering sustainable investment opportunities and prioritising activity to ensure the greatest impact.

Design innovative solutions: Helping to bring about sustainable change faster, creating greater economic and social value.

Deliver a framework: Establishing a plan, supported by academic partner assurance, that will ensure the change has a lasting impact.

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Outcome and Impacts

Collate accurate data: By ensuring correct measurements are in place, the Sustainability Framework provides organisations with clarity over what environmental initiatives are successful and what needs improvement

Communicate powerfully: To engage stakeholders, from investors to customers, in your sustainability story – securing buy-in and commitment.

Plan for the future: Creates scalable activity, that enable your organisation to dial up or down sustainable activity accordingly.

Unlock innovation: Takes advantage of new technologies and ideas that will transform the sustainability of your organisation.

Upskill employees: Empowering your people to drive sustainable initiatives confidently and competently.


While sustainability initiatives were long viewed as a nice to have, a box to be ticked or something to broadcast, we now all recognise that it is vital that sustainability is embedded across the entire organisation if we plan to meet the already challenging environmental targets. Enviro icon sustainabilityWe have to make a much more concerted effort to create sustainable organisations that are fit for our communities now and future generations.

That’s why green is the new black.

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