Rapid Process Improvement

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Rapid Process Improvement

A fast solution for a small need that makes a big difference

Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) digitally transforms manual business processes into easy-to-use Apps with consistent and assured results, delivering improved operational efficiencies and increased productivity.

Your Challenge

As technological advancement steams ahead for the critical operational needs, many organisations start to lag behind for the routine processes, sticking to ‘the way we’ve always done things’, often continuing inefficiencies that could easily benefit from digitisation.

You’d like to have a more efficient and ‘right first time’ process but you don’t know where to start, and your IT team may be stretched.

We have a solution. As part of our substantial transformation and change management skills and toolkit, we have developed Rapid Process Improvement.


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  • Automate expense claim procedures
  • Allocation of car parking slots
  • Following defined Health and Safety check lists

Our Approach

RPI helps our clients automate those inefficient processes into high performing, efficient Apps. Our change consultants, working with our digital experts, deliver the complete solution:

As part of our transformation consultancy, we assess current systems and processes that are laborious, inefficient and hinder transformation. We then convert this learning into  a simple digital framework of procedures, working with our digital team. Through this approach, we:

Utilise your existing Microsoft licences to unleash free or low-cost tools

Work with your operational, change management and IT teams to implement RPI in ‘bite size’ projects (10-30 days project time)

Make the app available for all users, who follow the predefined process to deliver results

Support the testing and launch phases to ensure that employees can easily use and manage the Apps after initial roll-out

We provide first line support for assistance with up to 2 changes per year

You can choose to administer the service in-house

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Outputs and Outcomes

Employees are empowered to enhance services that require low or no coding experience, to streamline processes and improve efficiencies

You can ensure consistency with a single version of a process and app. Whether streamlining sign-off procedures, designing an online area dedicated to employee wellbeing, or hosting expenses in one place – we can support in the technological design and implementation

Impact on IT teams is minimised. We work with IT to use already installed software, which does not require any overhauling of systems and processes, or demand huge budgets to set-up and run

We leave behind digital solutions that transform organisations. With minimal spend and disruption but maximum impact, we help organisations to create greater efficiencies and to modernise practices

Forrester published their results from a 3 year study of organisations that implemented the Power Platform. The results showed significant improvements:

  • 188% ROI over 3 years
  • 74% reduction in app development costs
  • 3.2 hours per week per user – average improvement in line of business activity

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