Fran Hoey

Director of Operational Excellence

All the good things

Listening and building relationships; Performance acumen; Christmas office entertainment.

And the bad things

Small-mindedness; Lateness (I’m half-German!); Inadequate biscuit choices.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I’m kept busy as a taxi driver for my kids, but try to find time to do a spot of five-a-side football and not work on that movie script I’ve always dreamed of writing…

A bit about me

I started off working in the private sector in Insurance. After a while, despite working with lots of great people, I figured out that I really needed to do something where I could see the impact on society. That led me, via some transformation project work in local government, to the Employment Support sector, where I became an Operational Director. I loved seeing the positive impact that could be made, but it wasn’t easy. Still, I’m always up for a challenge.

I joined 4OC shortly after its inception to continue to take on that challenge and have been involved in a wide variety of projects, heavily centred around change management and improving operational outcomes. Anything related to supporting people to perform better individually or collectively is what I really find exciting.

I work wherever they put me but my core areas of expertise are as part of the BPO, Sustainability and Housing teams.