Andy Lovell

Associate Consultant

All the good things

Listen and research the problem; Can put together a very good case for why you should take a particular course of action.

And the bad things

Not very talkative; Can put together a very good case why you shouldn’t take a particular course of action; I don’t like wasted effort or red tape.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Walk the dogs with Lady Lovell, play racket sports at the local social clubs, watch the kids play sport at the weekend, but mostly chill and relax.

A bit about me

I left school and started out as an electrician, where I learned to be pragmatic, methodical and basic trouble shooting skills, such as breaking the problem into two, to home in on the issue. This has stood be in good stead whatever the problem. With my interest in computers I decided to join an IT firm where I worked my way up through a number of roles from mainframe operator, to desktop support, project manager, test and service delivery manager, to technical design architecture roles.

The Flat hierarchy within 4OC is what I like best as everyone is treated equal and is listened to. The good ideas come from anywhere, they are then developed and tweaked within the team and become great ideas.