Transforming Project Success with Platform Housing

How 4OC supported Platform Housing Group to establish an Enterprise PMO

The challenge

Platform Housing Group (Platform) faced a couple of key challenges with its projects and programmes. It did not have full visibility of the projects being delivered across the organisation, nor were there sufficient controls in place in the existing project approval process.

A need was identified to establish an Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) to better ensure that approved projects would support the organisation to work towards and deliver on its strategic aims and objectives. Additionally, the EPMO would help improve visibility across the organisation’s portfolio of projects and programmes and, ultimately, increase overall performance, delivery and project success.

How did we help?

Platform required support in the development of key EPMO processes, particularly the project request and approval process, review and refinement of existing EPMO templates and development of a launch plan.

Having previously delivered some work with Platform, there was already a clear understanding of how each organisation worked. For this project, the 4OC team worked closely and collaboratively with key Platform stakeholders to:

  • understand existing project governance challenges, identifying gaps and improvement opportunities.
  • develop and refine best practice EPMO document templates.
  • co-design a bespoke project approval process
  • develop workforce engagement plans and communication materials for increasing staff buy in and embedding EPMO processes across the organisation.

The 4OC magic

4OC supported Platform to resolve its challenges by focusing on a few key areas. By driving consistency, transparency and quality through a standardised project approval process, Platform could begin to foster a culture of excellence and commission projects that would help the organisation achieve its strategic aims and objectives.

The 4OC team prioritised building the capacity and capabilities of existing staff through the development of best practice document templates, ensuring resources were equipped to effectively manage the ever-changing demands of project and programme management.

Overall, our support enabled Platform to launch an effective EPMO, positioning the organisation for successful project and programme delivery.

What Platform said...

“4OC were extremely helpful to us in a time when our team was particularly stretched. Having the 4OC support enabled us to launch our function with a suite of easy to use, well branded templates. We launched a project request process, with supporting documentation and communications developed by 4OC. The team also provided us with a recommended launch approach and 12-month engagement plan to ensure continued success for our function.

Overall, I would highly recommend engaging with 4OC if you need some additional support in launching your PMO or project management service.”

Tamara Fyffe


"...I would highly recommend engaging with 4OC..."