Embracing digital change to tackle the unexpected

Evidencing the financial and operational benefit of digitising SCAS Learning Content

The Issue

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) Trust rapidly flexed their service delivery model for the Education and Development department as a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This involved digitising learning content and adopting a blended delivery model that incorporated virtual and traditional classroom training methods.

Following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, the Trust was keen to explore virtual delivery further, as the experience had demonstrated that digitising learning content and adopting a blended model could significantly reduce operating costs overall. Still, the Trust didn’t have the capacity or the capability to complete such an exercise.

How did we fix it

4OC were engaged to undertake three phases of work to support the Trust in assessing the art of the possible.

Phase 1 – Discovery

We conducted a rapid analysis of the current delivery model and learning content to determine which leaning elements could be digitised. This was followed by an assessment of the benefits (both financial and non-financial) of moving to a blended delivery model incorporating virtual and classroom delivery.

Phase 2 – Proof of Concept

This included the co-design of an approach to digitising learning content, utilising in-house resources complemented by 3rd-party digital specialists and a high-level design of a blended delivery model. This phase ended by testing the blended delivery model and in doing so, refining the financial case created in Discovery.

Phase 3 – Full Business Case

We conducted a thorough analysis of learning that could be digitised and delivered virtually alongside the detailed design of a blended delivery model. A final cost vs. benefit analysis of transitioning to a blended model took place, including investment in technology and a change programme to implement the model and new ways of working

Final designs were learner centric and aligned to the organisation’s requirements and vision through cross collaboration with customers and external stakeholders. The blended delivery model produced by 4OC was future proofed and easily adaptable to respond rapidly to volatile operating environments. 

The 4OC Magic

The final analysis in the Full Business Case evidenced a cashable saving of £476,216 annually through digitising learning and adopting a blended model through a steep reduction in operating costs.

SCAS’s ability to embrace challenge through the lens of positive change was made concrete, as it became evident that the organisation was capable of adapting to new ways of working, adopting digital change and excelling their service through turbulent times. Internal capability was built and knowledge transferred from the 4OC experts to both operational and leadership teams, leaving SCAS with a set of repeatable methodologies, tools and techniques that enable the team to scope, design and implement sustainable future business change.

Thoughts from SCAS

“4OC’s help has enabled our organisation to flourish in the face of a testing time for many public service organisations. Through our new digital ways of working, we are embracing and deploying the most modern and effective use of new technologies for our staff. In addition, teams and leaders alike have been filled with confidence in knowing that change, when implemented with 4OC’s tried and tested methodologies, really will stick, and make huge differences in our day-to-day working lives.”

Melanie Saunders, Executive Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, SCAS

"...4OC’s tried and tested methodologies, really will stick, and make huge differences in our day-to-day working lives.”

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