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Fixing Damp and Disrepair

Are you concerned about the snowballing complaints around damp and disrepair issues, and the negative attention these bring?

Your Challenge

There are well documented, high-profile and emotive discussions about levels of disrepair and damp across tenanted property in England.

Social Housing Providers are right in the middle, with complaints rising, reputations being damaged by negative media coverage and an increase in litigations – and all this whilst trying to manage the provision of safe, comfortable and affordable homes for tenants.

Teams are naturally feeling overwhelmed.

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How we help

Solutions often span a number of organisational departments and we have created a set of tools and strategies to enable social landlords to get back in control of this spiralling situation with the focus on speed, control and confidence.

Getting everyone facing the same way is critical. And we do this very, very quickly.

Within 6-8 weeks, we get all stakeholders to work through a solution to identify the short-, medium- and long-term solutions.

We’ve done it before, ForHousing, and using our operational experience we’ll work out how to stop the situation deteriorating any further.

We’ll also work out exactly what needs to be done next. Putting you back in control of the complex problem quickly so smart decisions can be made about the investment needed to stop the problem from growing.

There’s no prolonged bureaucratic project here – it’s focus, high energy, solution solution solution. 

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Our Approach

Some of the key features of our approach:​

  • Mobilising our experienced operational and change team at pace so they are productive from day one​
  • Effectively engaging key stakeholders to reduce time impact on busy teams​ through planning, preparation and communication
  • Using tried-and-tested tools and team members that understand operations so that each interaction with you is focused and productive​
  • Gently challenging existing working practices to help staff members think through how improvements could be made​
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Outputs and Outcome

Our structured approach enables us to complete a six-week project that will produce:​

  • A Prioritised Improvement Log with identified benefits, aligned with Local Service Delivery work and focused on a high-performing workforce and contract management​
  • Documented Risk, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies (RAID) ​
  • Raised awareness of the need for, and benefits of, a continuous improvement and performance culture

Tools and Techniques

We use our agile-based business Improvement Cycle to provide focus and structure to the work.

The outputs are immediate fixes, as well as a short- to medium-term Improvement Roadmap that enables you to make targeted interventions and investment decisions.

Working directly with the operational teams we use Value Chain Analysis over the course of two weeks to inject pace and momentum to provide an operationally workable plan that prioritises and resolves live claims.

Data support. We pull disparate data together, provide new low-code/no-code* approaches to gathering missing data and provide the analysis and insight that allows for good decisions to be made.

Prioritisation. We help you to make the best decisions in how you prioritise this work. How do you manage the trade-offs and their impact? This prioritisation needs to be embedded in your operations and communicated with your stakeholders (staff, residents, service delivery partners, contractors).

Maturity assessment of your management processes and operating model to ensure they support your strategic objectives and culture, and that they are aligned to drive maximum efficiency and value. The outcome supports any business case to implement longer-term change.

*With very little, if any, need to pull resources from overstretched IT departments, using our range of ‘Low Code/No Code’ solutions means the power of technology can be implemented quickly, easily and with minimum risk.

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