Paddy Higgins

Business Consultant

All the good Things

Music festivals, foreign languages, lovely looking graphs, brain training apps

And the bad things

Negativity/ complacency, lack of empathy, driving (I’m still learning)

What do you do when you're not working?

I’m usually having a few Guinness’s with friends in the pub, fiddling with my guitar, or running/ doing yoga/ bouldering (not so much, I’m only learning).

A bit about me

I recently finished volunteering as a project lead in a refugee camp in Northern Greece. It was a great experience of learning to do more with little resources. I also loved being able to apply some of the knowledge and skills in stakeholder communication, project organisation, and service delivery learned during my MSc in International Development and in my career in English Language Teaching.

My love of working directly with people and helping deliver the best public service possible without unduly focusing on profit margins (boring) is what drew me to 4OC. Having academic experience of sustainability best practices and professional experience working with vulnerable service users, I’m excited to work with people and organisations looking to improve the social value of public service.