Michael Kelleher

Senior Business Consultant

All the good things

Podcasts, sports, Taytos (the Irish ones obviously), strong coffee.

And the bad things

Rushing to be somewhere, people who talk down to others, poorly poured pints.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I am getting to an age where I can no longer run as fast as I used to (which wasn’t actually very fast to be fair) so I have duly made the age-old transition from sports that require actual athletic ability to golf. I also love travelling to new places and am an avid reader.

A bit about me

I have extensive experience in the media sector having worked in a number of roles for both ITV and Sky since moving to London in 2013. I started getting involved in project delivery towards the end of my time at Sky and found I really had a passion for it. I gained valuable experience in project delivery there but I decided I wanted to be able to take on projects of greater scope and complexity and I wanted to be able to work across different industries. That was the catalyst for me to pursue my MSc in Strategic Management of Projects at University College London, which I did completed prior to joining 4OC.

There were many reasons why I wanted to work for 4OC but perhaps the biggest one is the culture in place. There is a huge focus on continuous and constant improvement in all facets of the business and everyone is supported so they can deliver brilliant work for clients.