Georgina Murphy

Senior Business Consultant

All the good things

Simplicity, efficiency, positivity – life’s too short for anything else!

I’m also super-impressed with anyone who can do something I can’t – it fascinates me to learn about other people’s hobbies, skills and passions, especially those that lend themselves to continuous learning.

And the bad things

When things are done a certain way because ‘they have always been done that way’

Anything that’s unnecessarily complicated!

Rudeness – there’s just no need for it!

What do you do when you’re not working

I’m blessed to live in a beautiful place that has tracks and trails which are lovely to walk in all kinds of weather – which is just as well as it’s the West of Ireland, so the weather is rarely great!

I like doing logic/strategy puzzles and games, love going the cinema, travelling (any chance I get) and eating out (I’m not a great cook so let those who can do it better, do it).

I’m also from a big family and great community so there is always some party or get together going on.

A bit about me

Having lived and worked in England for many years, I returned back to the West of Ireland in 2017 and have been based in my hometown in County Mayo since.

I worked in the Employability & Skills sector for 18 years (2002 – 2023) starting as an administrator and working in many different roles in both the UK and Ireland leading to my most recent position as Operations Director. When the opportunity for Voluntary Redundancy presented itself, I decided to grab it and take some time to decide what was next.

I started looking for a position that would enable me to use my existing skills and competencies to help other people, and allow me the opportunity to grow and learn… and here I am!