It’s easy-peasy with RPI by John Curran

Why Digitalise?

Organisations need to transform – to improve efficiency and to meet growing expectations from customers and employees. This transformation is increasingly digital-led. We all use ever-improving technology in our daily lives to enable us to do things we never dreamed of even five years ago. This expectation is increasingly evident in the workplace too. As change management experts, we see this need to digitally transform on a daily basis.

The issues affecting organisations that we regularly see are that:

  • Amazing work is being done but outdated processes are slowing the pace of change
  • Organisations are increasingly developing collaborative working across and within organisations, but don’t have a centralised system to work effectively

We know how important it can be to move to digital solutions, so we created Rapid Process Improvement (RPI). It complements our transformation work and can help you to streamline internal processes.

RPI can provide consistent and effective processes across the organisation, anything from expenses and onboarding programmes to governance and employee wellbeing. It can help your organisation collate key information and present it in an easily accessible way. We can give your organisation access to valuable centralised performance data – enabling you to make much better-informed strategic decisions.

Security, Streamlining and Efficiency

Data security is key. RPI is supported by Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform used by over 95% of Fortune 500 companies, providing a secure platform for organisations to run operations and host data. It streamlines internal processes by utilising (often pre-existing) Microsoft 365 components within your organisation.

We quickly get an understanding of the processes that will benefit from digitalisation, and then create a pathway utilising apps within existing Microsoft tools, such as PowerApps.

This has multiple benefits, including very limited need for:

  1. Large scale, new software solutions
  2. Time from overstretched IT departments
  3. Budget for new programmes
  4. Hard to source coding skills

All the while, it greatly improves your organisational effectiveness.

Digital Revolution

Our goal is to make digital transitions as seamless and impactful as possible, leaving behind solutions that are workable, scalable, and simple to use.

4OC will guide your organisation through the entire process. From assessing the organisation to see where digital intervention can make the most impact, to mapping out apps to run seamlessly upon launch. We’re here to support you every step of the way, revolutionising your digital operations.

If you’d like to speak to John about some of his ideas on all things digital (he does prefer an old record player though), building superfast superfly apps or just plain anything, send him a quick (or slow) email and he’ll get right back to you: