Didn’t we all dream when we were kids for a better world, a fairer world, and a peaceful world? I certainly did, and like many of us that’s still what I want.

Trying to turn this into reality is of course much harder than it sounds (and to my mind, much harder than it should be), but one place where we’re actively trying to do this at Girlguiding. I have just finished my term of office as Chief Guide at Girlguiding, and that is where we have been trying to turn our vision for a better world into reality. Through fun, friendship, challenge and adventure we empower girls to find their voice, inspiring them to discover the best in themselves and to make a positive difference in their community.

As part of a worldwide movement, we have celebrated World Thinking Day—a day of international friendship—since 1926. It is an opportunity to speak out on issues that affect young women and to fundraise for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 150 countries. Girls from these countries have identified the environment as their biggest worry. The theme for World Thinking Day 2023 #WTD2023 is Our World, Our Peaceful Future.

When I meet with young women at Guides where I will volunteer this Friday evening, we will celebrate World Thinking Day and what it means to be one in ten million, and then we’ll share activities to discover how we can work with nature to create a more peaceful and secure future for girls everywhere.

Sometimes it all seems too big, too difficult, but person by person, we will create a better world, and that starts by changing our local community, and by connecting globally.

What will you do on World Thinking Day? Were you a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide? Whether you were or not, my challenge to you is to give a thought, on World Thinking Day, to what you can do to create a better world.

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