Dublin, November 17th, 2022, 5.44pm

When Dublin native, Trinity College graduate and 4OC Founder, John Curran, left Ireland in 2000, little did he imagine that his eventual return would see him standing in a building opposite his old Alma Mater with a collection of public sector leaders passionately discussing how to make society a better place.

It’s an ambition that he and his fellow founders have held since setting up 4OC in the UK and now, with the launch of 4OC in the lovely setting of the Irish Whiskey Museum, is something they are keen to replicate in Ireland.

What John said …

“We’ve spent the last decade working hard to help effect change across public services in the UK, particularly in the areas of transport, health, housing, local government, and education, helping to introduce better organisation, systems, efficiencies, value, and ultimately, better quality of delivery of services.

Social Impact is a term that is bandied about liberally these days, but 4OC was founded from a starting position that public service delivery organisations themselves are the key to impacting true social improvement. We set up 4OC to support our customers in developing innovative, robust, long-term solutions that come from a place of genuine concern for society and the services that are provided to the public.

This ethos runs through everything we do, starting within our own workplace, our community, and our environment.

The lessons we have learned in supporting transformational change over the last decade resonate just as clearly in Ireland. The challenges in social housing, the health service and education are huge, but we are confident that we can help to make a lasting difference here, just as we have done in so many public sector organisations in the UK.”

Ireland, 4OC, 2023

Following a recent competition, 4OC successfully became a supplier on all 13 lots of the Public Service Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement for the provision of Business Management and ICT Consultancy Services in Ireland, established and run by the Office of Government Procurement. We are already actively competing for work with a range of government bodies to co-deliver impactful change across the public sector.

The Irish business is being led by Fran Hoey, a Drogheda native, who has already been working with colleagues on a number of projects for 4OC in Ireland. Fran is currently recruiting for socially-motivated, forward-thinking individuals to join the Irish team. Check for jobs or sign up for upcoming opportunities on our Join page.

To find out more about all things Ireland (well all 4OC things Ireland)

Look out for upcoming posts and some exciting events due in early 2023, in which we focus on some reasons to be positive (and we all need those). Feel free to email fran@the4oc.com with any comments or questions you have.