SOSBC – Customer Services Digitalisation

Improving Customer Services through digitalisation

A Tight Ship

You probably wouldn’t associate the south end of an Essex village with the world of technology. From its humble beginnings, the now coastal city of Southend has come a long way. Today its borough council serves a population of well over a quarter of a million. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council (SBC) is a large unitary authority dedicated to improving the daily lives of its residents.

Through a diverse range of essential services, facilities, and programmes, it is responsible for managing and delivering universal services, social care and economic regeneration.

New Horizons

Time and tide don’t wait around, and SBC had arrived at the point where it needed to update its offering of customer, visitor and business services. Right across the Council, the challenges faced included the replacement of an end-of-life, first generation, Customer Relationship Management system. Amongst other cost-effective end goals, a move towards an efficient streamlined channel was a primary objective.

Feeling Buoyant

The implementation of new processes, CRM, Customer Account and Integrations with back-office and service systems were delivered on time and on budget. The channel shift saw high levels of resident sign-up with automation spurring savings thanks to reduced face-to-face and phone contact. Additional cost reductions were made through the development of a Programme Team, a high-functioning unit set up with minimal third-party support.

All hands on deck

Our first port of call was the development of design principles and core end-to-end business processes. Once agreed, we developed detailed business and technology requirements to inform the future solution design, procurement of a new technology supplier and opportunities to enable channels shift and digitalisation.

Plans to implement the 4OC programme along with project delivery methodology followed. The final stages comprised of a structured handover and support package.

Ship Shape

“4OC with their in-depth knowledge of public services have delivered in partnership with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council a significant change programme. Their team has the skills and experience to support different elements of any project or process review as and when required. They bring a flexible and adaptable approach to problem solving and understand the challenges of Local Government. They have helped us future proof our services and helped to build resilience in our own teams by sharing their knowledge and tools. They have demonstrated excellent client relations by being available and accessible as required, especially during key milestone periods. They are fun and professional but are also not afraid to challenge the norm.”

Ellen Butler, Head of Customer Services, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

"They are fun and professional but are also not afraid to challenge the norm"

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