Wellbeing Support

Wellbeing Support

A structured support offer to your people to help them recognise their own responses to change and access tools and support to remain resilient. 

Your Challenge

Disruptive challenge forces organisations into crisis management mode. This creates unsettling change for people across the organisation, as they must rapidly adapt working practices. 

  • Do you need to understand the impact of rapid change people and teams? 
  • Do you need to identify the common themes and sources of stress that are affecting teams across the organisation?  
  • Do you want to provide welfare support to staff to remain resilient? 

Our Approach

We deliver a suite of wellbeing support to help people across your organisation to draw from themselves and each other, tapping into their sources of personal resilience. Our team of experts design a suite of support tools, tailored to your organisational culture and context:

  • Workshops to help people recognise their own responses to change, stress triggers and remedies
  • Specific, targeted support for front-line teams to manage interactions with service users in a disrupted environment and/or reduced service offer
  • Support and coaching to leaders and managers to identify and actively manage resilience and welfare risks
  • Group and individual therapeutic interventions to support wellbeing and positive mental health practices

To ensure the engagement delivers sustainable results, our interdisciplinary team will undertake ongoing needs assessment and provide guidance and recommendations to embed employee wellbeing into working practices and culture. 

The Outputs

1) Our approach delivers a tailored suite of tools, guidance and resources in your organisation to ensure ready access to the appropriate support 

2) We will work alongside your managers, HR and people development teams to ensure that the support offered is relevant, reflects the language and culture of your organisation and is embedded in core people processes. 

3) We will capture the key risk areas for engagement, wellbeing and performance across your organisation and make recommendations for monitoring and follow-up, so that these can be proactively managed. 

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