Organisational Health Check

Organisational Health Check (OHC)

The tool provides an independent assessment of how well an organisation’s structures, operating model, culture, systems and processes are aligned to organisational strategy and purpose. This is done across eight categories and engages individuals and teams to give feedback as part of an improvement journey.

With these outputs, our operational and change experts build a prioritised plan that reflects your operational reality. It is tailored to your organisation’s strategic objectives and outlines how to deliver practical improvements to your service.

Ohc model v0. 4
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What we do

We undertake a rapid but comprehensive assessment, which would typically involve the following steps:

1. a series of 1:1 structured interviews with a range of staff across the operation, as well as an assessment of the core organisational information and data

2. the findings from this exercise are then validated by observing the operation in action and spending time speaking with frontline teams to understand whether corporate approaches translate through the levels

3. a picture is built up of what is needed to improve the operation in order to enable it to realise its aims and objectives more effectively

4. the assessment is made against eight categories with a rating allocated to each based on the collated interview responses

The Assessment Report

A high-level organisation assessment against eight categories including people, data management, performance and assurance

An assessment of how well-embedded good practices are within the organisation

Feedback on where the organisation sits against a benchmark of similar organisations

A view of what the next steps could be to get you to where you may want to end up


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