Organisational Health Check

Organisational Health Check

An operationally informed assessment of your business, delivering you a qualified plan for improvement and growth

Your Challenge

Many organisations are facing challenging questions about evolving their ways of working

1. Do you need to establish how your organisation needs to change to be fit for purpose in this new complex and emergent landscape?

2. Do you need rich, qualitative data in order to target and prioritise areas for improvement and change in your organisation?

3. Do you want an independent evaluation of how your operation is functioning and then be supported in structuring a plan to deliver positive change?


Fran Hoey

Our Approach

We complete a comprehensive assessment quickly and build a plan to improve, which includes the following activities: 

        1.  The Organisational Health Check involves a series of 1:1 structured interviews with a range of staff across the client’s operation, as well as an assessment of the core organisational information and data

        2.  The findings from this exercise are then validated through observing the operation in action and spending time speaking with frontline teams to get a understand whether corporate approaches translate through the levels

        3.  Throughout the exercise a picture is built up of what is needed to improve the operation in order to enable it to realise its aims and objectives more effectively

        4.  The assessment comprises of 8 categories with a rating allocated to each based on the collated interview responses – Performance Management; People; Technology; Strategic Intent; Data Management; Service Model; Assurance and Stakeholder Management.


During these times of enforced remote working for many, our review within the People category incorporates staff wellbeing and an assessment of organisational culture. The current culture for many organisations will be challenged and requiring evolution, given that the working environment is likely to have changed considerably, and will continue changing, in such a short time.

The Outputs

The OHC provides a rapid systematic assessment of the whole organisation – its structure, Operating Model, culture, systems and processes and its alignment to the customer, strategy and purpose.

The outputs from the assessment are:

        a. A complete organisation assessment against eight categories

        b. Prioritised areas of improvement and a structured plan to deliver these

        c. A structured approach to define the ‘Future State’ needed

        d. An assessment of how well embedded good practices are within an organisation

        e. Feedback on where the organisation sits against a benchmark of top performers

The Health Check can also be used as part of wider change engagements in conjunction with other tools such as Target Operating Model development, Value Chain Analysis and the Change Readiness Assessment.

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