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Implementation Support

We ensure that the right mechanisms are in place to give leaders confidence that what they say will happen, happens

Your Challenge

Implementing new approaches to delivery creates disruption – some good, some not so good. Having an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and having the mechanisms in place to help you make the right decisions and manage any fall-out is critical for anyone who is trying to implement new ways of working.

Another challenge is ensuring the control mechanisms do not become overbearing, getting lost in programme or tech speak, or risk management conversations with no helpful mitigations being put forward.

Implementations will always have an impact on staff so how do you ensure that they are engaged, feel part of the solution, adopt changes and drive benefits and help you understand how things can be continually improved so you don’t ever stand still?

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Our Approach

Our implementation support is highly pragmatic, as it has been developed and is delivered by highly skilled and experienced project and programme managers, supported by our business analysts.

This support ranges from setting up and managing Programme Management Offices to managing major change programmes and system implementations. We have a set of proven tools and a methodology that have ensured that all 4OC projects have delivered on time and within budget. We will leave these tools behind and train staff in our approach and these tools.

Our change management approach, undertaken by individuals who are from operational backgrounds, ensures solutions meet the business need, generates the buy in of all stakeholders and that workflow changes land and are embedded in the working life for staff.

We have specialist teams managing Systems and Business Architectures, Assurance and  Testing and Business Analysis. You may not need all of this capability, but if you have a change implementation requirement, we have the solution.

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The Outputs

We will ensure that your programme of change is structured and defined in a manner that will increase the likelihood of you achieving the business benefits you are trying to deliver.

Across the range of methods we have developed and adopted, we will happily share the approaches and templates with your team, ensuring knowledge transfer and the development of new assets for your organisation.

We will provide pragmatic reporting, both formal and informal, that will give you confidence that your investment in change will pay off.

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