Roisin Phillips

Bid Consultant

All the good things

Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Hardle, Nerdle and a bunch of other puzzles that don’t end in ‘rdle’. I’m a puzzler, some might say a bit of a puzzle myself!

Cats, kindness and gratitude, a sense of humour, creative writing (45,000 words of a novel written but finding blogging easier at the moment), bumblebees, sweet peas, great design, calligraphy, whodunnits, the sea, Italy and the west of Ireland.

And the bad things

Cruelty, unnecessary complications, bad sandwiches, cyclists who break red lights, poor grammar and corporate jargon – never tell me you’ll ‘circle back’, ‘silo anything’ or ask me if I have ‘bandwidth’!!!

What do you do when you’re not working

Arrange a selection of items deposited around the house on the stairs for my three daughters to walk over indefinitely. Cook good food and eat good food, not necessarily expensive food but food made with soul…and sole, Dover/Black, with mash and butter, Kerrygold only! Blog and write.

A bit about me

I’m loyal, kind and unforgiving of cruelty, entitlement or arrogance.

Coming from a background in languages and law, I was a member of the Thomas Cook Ireland management team for 14 years. I led a number of initiatives including the implementation of a CMS, CRM and online booking system and had overall responsibility for customer services/legal, marketing, PR and overseas teams and processes.

And then I took a career break when my third daughter was born and ran a League of Ireland football club (voluntarily!), after which I swore I’d never again work for anyone but myself. So I set up my own consultancy advising and supporting companies with customer services, legal, PR and marketing requirements.

But an organisation persuaded me that working for them would be different and better, and they were right, so here I am.