Richard Nash

Business Consultant

All the good things

Live music, live sport, the pub, reading a good book, breakfast tea, Arsenal FC

And the bad things

The morning, commuting, writing about myself, Arsenal FC

What do you do when you’re not working?

When I can I still like to play football and cricket, but usually if I’m not catching up with friends at the pub or family at the café, I’ll be taking some time to myself with a good book/film

A bit about me

I have most recently worked as a producer and project manager in the conference and events business, and while I enjoyed the responsibilities this afforded me, and the focus on delivering quality output as a team, I was keen to work in a setting which more closely aligned to my values. This led to me choosing to study an MSc in ‘International Development Studies’, which I felt was the best place to start in working in a career where I could try and add value to the communities around me, rather than just the company bottom line.

I am energised by working through complex problems collaboratively, trying to understand what’s at the heart of the issue to offer a creative solution. Having joined 4OC in the summer of 2022, I am keen to expose myself to the different sectors we work in, and learn as much as I can, to hopefully contribute in some meaningful way to the change we try and deliver!