Paul Marray

Founder and CEO

All the good things

Empathy; Listening; Guinness; Talking.

And the bad things

Boring people; Other people talking; Meetings longer than 15 minutes; Writing boring documents.

What do you do when you’re not working?

As a semi professional golfer who plays off a handicap, I can often be found at charity events, raising money for good causes. When I’m not helping old people cross the road, I might be at the local debating society, furiously furious and scaring the locals. My main way of relaxing is to head to the Monaghan hills to my farm in Lurganmore where I enjoy nothing more than smuggling diesel and pigs and evading the flatfooted constabulary on either side of the border.

I’m a father of three lovely young people. I also love to bake bread and during lockdown I’ve made around 300 loaves, which I’ve used to trade for beer and giggles with friends and neighbours.

A bit about me

I started my career 30 years ago working in the film industry, ultimately running the international tech operations for Sony Pictures, I spent time working in film and advertising before my first foray into the public sector 20 years ago. During that period, I developed and delivered large scale programmes of complex change across London, for London Underground, TfL, the Mayor of London and Local Authorities amongst others.

After several years working for everyone else, Catherine, John and I decided to create an organisation that helps the public sector deliver meaningful, positive outcomes for human beings. We have built and continue to evolve 4OC into a power for good. 4OC is a place where diversity is celebrated, where our team can find joy in the work they do and where their wellbeing is fiercely protected. This allows them to deliver awesome results for our clients.

I love to talk, and for an old bloke with two replacement knees, I get very excitable when presented with interesting challenges. I’m currently the Chair of a Multi Academy Trust, serving four primary schools in south London, which 4OC also supports. Together with our clients and partners, we’re on a mission to build healthy, happy, productive, and resilient organisations and communities.