Mark Davidson

Principal Consultant

All the good things

Passionate about hearing people’s life stories and what’s led them to where they are today. On a quest for great coffee, a rare gem in Ireland. Food, I’m all about good food and making new memories with friends old and new.

And the bad things

Outdated processes that exist solely for the sake of having a process. Unkindness toward others. Spiders, not a fan.

What do you do when you’re not working?

When I’m not on the clock, you’ll catch me getting my hands dirty in the garden – I’m all about those plants, fruit trees, veggies, and a bunch of happy hens. Plus, I’m growing quite the indoor jungle with my ever-expanding plant collection.

I’m also a big fan of reading bedtime stories to my kiddos, especially stuff written by Julia Donaldson. And when I feel like some fresh air, I love taking my two furry friends for a walk in the gorgeous Irish countryside.

A bit about me

I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, with more than 15 years of dedicated experience in employment activation, community engagement, and human services. My passion lies in not only identifying opportunities for innovation but also in effectively implementing strategies that bring about tangible and positive transformations for both clients and service end-users alike.

Before venturing into the realm of social services, I honed my skills in the dynamic hospitality sector, where I developed a strong foundation in customer service and teamwork. This diverse professional background has provided me with a well-rounded perspective on various industries.

My career journey has taken me across both rural and metropolitan regions in Australia and Ireland, giving me a unique understanding of the diverse needs and challenges that different services and communities face. I have had the privilege of contributing my skills and insights to these communities, and I am deeply committed to making a positive impact wherever I go.

Today, I proudly call Ireland my home.