Lisa Potgieter

Business Support Manager

All the good things

Learning new things, the satisfaction of completing something that makes a positive difference and a good glass of red

And the bad things

Unwillingness to consider alternatives, crowded spaces and stick insects

What do you do when you’re not working?

Having committed to doing a degree in Forensic Psychology (just for fun ?!) a certain amount of spare time is spent on study, otherwise long walks in unexplored countryside and the adventure of travel.

A bit about me

I grew up in South Africa and have been in the UK for 20-odd years. With a career in operations and people management within professional services, I like to get stuck in to making things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, doing my bit to bring various parts together to support the organisation to flourish.  I am logical and organised in my approach and love the energy that goes with bringing ideas together to turn them into something tangible.

4OC’s focus on developing people and encouraging them to be the best they can while at the same time the passion for developing strong relationships and delivering great outcomes for clients make it an exciting place to be.