Bea Brewster

Project Support Analyst

All the good things

Meeting new people, going abroad, summertime, cheese

And the bad things

All kinds of beans (baked, kidney, butter, the lot), pessimism/negativity, cold showers

What do you do when you're not working?

I love being active, so I enjoy running, going to the gym, or hikes. Any chance I get I love to be with my friends, whether that be going out for drinks, ticking off our long list of London restaurants, or seeing our favourite musicians live in concert. When I get a weekend free, I also like to visit my family, who live in a little village near Portsmouth, and going for long walks with them along the beach.

A bit about me

Before joining 4OC I had graduated in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics, and accordingly began working in the finance sector for an Authorised Corporate Director (‘ACD’). Whilst this experience proved incredibly valuable in strengthening my skills with project support, Power BI and Excel, and how to interact with stakeholders, I knew that my passion, born out of my degree, was within the ethical sphere. I wanted to ultimately work in a role that allowed me to positively contribute to the world around me and catalyse moral change. Consequently, with 4OC’s overarching aim to make the world a better place, I felt like this was highly suited to my personal values. I also felt that my previous experience within a project’s role would prove valuable in my new position here at 4OC.