Announcement: New Partnership between 50 Degrees and 4OC

…3…2…1 … by Matt Wells

Big News (well, for us at least)

We’re really pleased to announce that we are formalising our partnership with 50 Degrees.

By joining forces we bring together some of the leading UK business development, bidding and operational specialists, who have helped to win and successfully mobilise over £5bn of new Government contracts.

4OC and 50 Degrees have been working together for the last five years on a range of projects including Local Government transformation, Service Design and bidding for projects in the justice, skills and welfare sectors, and complex mobilisation programmes in the prisons and probation market.

At 4OC, we specialise in mobilising new contracts, implementation, commercial modelling and performance improvement. 50 Degrees specialises in strategy, in service design and bid development – helping organisations to win new business and enter new markets. A perfect match!

What we do

Through our new partnership, we can offer a really effective end-to-end solution covering:

Both organisations have a similar culture and ethos… we’re flexible, responsive, hard-working and fun-loving. We are confident that by working in partnership we can provide a stronger, broader, more seamless service to our clients.

But don’t just take our word for it …

Michelle Leeson, Managing Director of The Growth Company recently provided us with some really nice feedback:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with both 50 Degrees and 4OC on a number of public service programmes. The National Citizen Service is a great example, where 50 Degrees supported our Business Development team to secure the management contract for the North West, and 4OC worked with us to successfully implement and embed the programme. They’re a great team to work with, and I believe their new partnership will be of great benefit to their clients.”

Say Hi

If you’d like to speak to Matt about what we can offer you now that we’re in bed with 50 Degrees, what services we offer in general or indeed, the real reasons the Tasmanian Devil went extinct (Matt himself is a rate Tazzie specimen), you can catch him via the details below

Matt Wells, Head of Business Growth,, Ph: 07985 420 111