Welcome to 4OC

Hello and welcome to 4OC

4OC has been up and running now for a little over 4 years. We have, however, worked together on and off for closer to twenty. And together we made the very deliberate decision to work primarily in the area of public service delivery. Our primary aim is simple - to get the best value from the public purse.

We use an approach that we believe differentiates us from the traditional consultancies - we engage those who deliver the services and ensure it benefits those who receive them. What this means is we work hard (but who doesn't), we enjoy each others' company, we have fun in what we do and we work closely with, not for, our clients.

We have designed and delivered significant programmes of transformational, organisation-wide change for over 20 years. We have worked in Local and Central Government, in Health, Housing, Welfare to Work and Transport and with those private sector organisations providing outsourced services into the public sector. In all cases, in all sectors, we think we make a positive difference. That's why we do it.


We provide a pragmatic, low risk, incremental approach to designing and delivering organisational change.


Our products are developed based on our direct delivery experience in incredibly complex change programmes and large-scale operations.


We have the collective experience of leading at board level, working in large-scale operational management and delivering outcome-based implementations.


We have spent many years working on and in almost all sectors of public service delivery and are really proud to have built up a comprehensive and interesting array of clients in a short number of years.