Esteban Chinetti

Associate Consultant

All the good things

Easy-going and sociable, Nice Excel spreadsheets, A “gotta learn ‘em all” approach to languages

And the bad things

Anything before 9am, Going in circles, Wine bottles with screw caps

What do you do when you’re not working?

I love a good, complex board game that lasts for hours. I enjoy role-playing games, reading, writing and watching poorly thought-out action/sci-fi tv shows and films (if they star Nick Cage or Keanu Reeves, bonus points – still looking for a film that brings them both together). I also like cooking and playing the guitar. Oh, and I’ve a 1-year-old toddler, which means I hardly (if ever) get to do any of the previous.

A bit about me

Most of my career I hopped from one place to another. I worked in IT, consultancy, finance. I even gave private lessons and had my own business selling collectibles online. As a Business Economist with an open mind I wanted to have different experiences, to see what I liked the most. But it turned out what I liked the most was moving around!

And on each role and position I always ended up focusing on how to improve the way things worked. How to understand the underlying processes and find new (better?) ways of doing things. Still, this was not enough for me. I wanted to really make a change. Which is why I jumped to the public sector where I spent a significant part of my career (on banking, think tanks, international trade, political campaigns and some proper economics). At the time I didn’t know I had been working on Change all along, and that’s where 4OC comes into play.

I have recently moved to London after living my whole life in sunny, warm-weathered, summery Buenos Aires (did I mention the sun?). I joined 4OC and was instantly hyped that I could do all of the above in one place. As a Business Consultant my work is to help our partners figure out the best way for them to work best. I get to apply my past experience and at the same time continue to learn about Change Management.