Dave Killoran

Associate Consultant


First seek to understand then be understood. Do the things you love with the people you love. New experiences and new cultures. Less is more


Too much detail. A focus on what you don’t want rather than what you do. The word ‘But’

What do you do when you’re not working

Sport and fitness (football, gym, golf, skiing, walking…….…), food and travel, music (listening and mixing: part-time Bedroom DJ!!!) and being with family and friends doing most of the former.

A bit about me

I’m passionate about people and where their energies are focused to truly unlock potential. My journey has taken me from an early career in financial service through an extensive career of Senior Executive Leadership and consulting, working predominantly in the UK public sector.

Ambitious and solution-focused, I’ve worked with a broad range of clients supporting transformation and continuous improvement linked to strategy, leadership, organisational and people development, organisational design and effectiveness, service and value improvement, and business development. Underpinning this is my belief that the ‘true’ ingredient to success is relationships and engaging and involving the ‘hearts and minds’.

I always want to make a difference with great people, which is why I joined 4OC in January 2023.