Akerri ‘Kez’ Bailey

Project Support Analyst

About me:

I am a bubbly, ‘smiley’ individual who enjoys making people laugh! In combination with this, I have a background in the collation and dissemination of evidential data. This exposure has equipped me with extensive analytical skills and attention to detail, allowing me to really look at things by breaking them down into smaller components to identify the ‘bigger picture’. I am passionate about delivering quality client satisfaction to make sure their needs are met to a high standard. I ensure to engage clearly and confidently when speaking to stakeholders and organisations who work with/alongside 4OC.

I live in London, but I was born and raised in Barbados. I am proud of my heritage, and it has shaped me to become who I am today (cliché but true). I have always wondered what my purpose in life is – but I honestly think it is to make a change in the world. I thought I had to make money to make the change I wanted to see, but from a simple conversation, you can make a huge impact on someone’s life.


Tesco meal deal (I need to get a Clubcard), Nature (I love the Moon!), Music, Singing. Sometimes I like cooking (when funds are low) oh! And my tortoise Rumi.


Rudeness, Seagulls, unorganised plans

What do you do when you’re not working?

I like to go to the gym; I love going out for 2-4-1 specials (I think it’s the university student in me still). I like going on late night drives or sitting on my balcony at midnight to enjoy the silence of the night.