Integrating Adult Social Care and Health Workshop

Workshop Agenda: Download

Workshop on ways to make integration work

We are hosting a free workshop on the 18th May to explore how the integration of Health and Social Care can be used to reduce service demand and to map out the reasons why, to date, it has largely failed to have the desired impact.

Integrated Health and Care has been on the agenda for several years now without having achieved a significant breakthrough. With so many determined and innovative people focussed on it, why is this the case?

We will be joined by the Director of Integration from Leicester City, Leicestershire County and Rutland (LLR), Cheryl Davenport, who will be discussing the many aspects of their Integration journey. A copy of the Integrating Points of Access Programme can be found at:

We have Jane Harris from Cordis Bright, who will be talking about their analysis of the Vanguard programmes, consideration of the STPs and the impact of the delayed transfers of care on Councils ability to effectively provider care services.

Tom Abell from the Mid Essex, Southend and Basildon Success Regime will discuss the pressures they are witnessing in frontline Hospital Services and their approach to reconfiguring how hospital services are delivered in the region.

Finally, we have Hellen Bowey from Alcove, who has developed an innovative integrated technology approach to help patients, service users and their families better manage their lives when living with long-term conditions.

We will also talk about 4OC’s experience of successfully using technology and data to deliver improved outcomes in public service delivery – in local and central government, the welfare to work sector, the health sector and into the private sector.


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