Hounslow is Go

After 14 months working with the Hounslow Waste team and their operations partner Lampton 360, on gathering detailed requirements, choosing a supplier, configuring and testing the solution, supporting the training of the crews and building integrations into the Council’s customer services platform, at last we are into the final stretch. 

We are now doing a 5-week phased roll out to effectively control the go-live. This began on November 14 and is scheduled to finish on 15 December, just in time for all the Xmas waste!! 

Bartec System’s Collective was the management system that was chosen for the waste team. With this solution, the drivers have a touch screen in-cab unit to receive work and report reasons for non-collection. It provides real time info for managers and most importantly for customers.

During the roll-out, each driver gets an induction the day before they go live and then get one to one in-cab training and support on the day of go live. So far, the drivers have found it really easy to use and have said that it’s a lot better than the old paper-based system.

The Service Managers are using the system to ensure all collections are being made and the instant feedback that the system provides is helping them to proactively respond to or pre-empt customer queries.

Contract monitoring staff are also now using the info to manage contractor performance and spot areas in the borough that are not recycling, which will help guide their education campaigns and resident visits to support higher recycling rates.

Well done to all involved, especially Andrew Baker, David Mead, Dave Ward and Sue Austin and their teams from Hounslow. Our own crew have done sterling work, so congrats to Andrew Smith, Darren Anderson, Ashton Ghik and Andy Lovell for making this a great success. The most rubbish project we’ve ever done.


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