Draft Agenda – April 20th Workshop – Digitalising Customer Services

Customer Services is now at the centre of innovation in local government and is increasingly driving transformational change in service delivery across the whole organisation. Taking advantage of digitalisation, residents are now seeing a significant improvement in the quality of their frontline services.

However, there are ongoing financial pressures, particularly in Waste Services and Social Care, that present challenges but also opportunities for Customer Service teams.

4OC are working with several councils, applying the latest thinking and technologies, to support them delivering their services more efficiently and effectively. The bigger challenge, however, is how do councils use all their knowledge and assets to reduce service demand and become financially sustainable.

We recently ran a series of full-day workshops that included ‘Mapping the Customer Journey’ and ‘Optimising Waste and Customer Services Integration’. The attendees included Ealing Borough, Hounslow Borough, Maidenhead, Waverley District and Adur & Worthing Councils as well as representatives from several Housing Associations and Ofsted.

The workshops enable delegates work closely with their peers to understand what innovations have been tried, what challenges they’ve faced and to share how the lessons learned could be reflected in their own organisations.

Our next set of Network Events will cover the following:

  • March: Commercialisation: How can services (Building Control, Telecare) look to deliver traded services and generate an income stream
  • April: Digitalising Customer Services: See Draft Agenda below
  • May: Health and Social Care Points of Access: Taking the lessons from Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland on how to build a consensus for integrated contact centres –  making it easier for professionals and services users to navigate the system

We have attached the draft agenda for the session on Digitalising Customer Services below. If you have any questions, you can contact us at hello@the4oc.com or at the office on 0207 9283127

4OC – Apr 20th Workshop Agenda

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