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What we aim to do is support you in building a mature programme, project and portfolio management capability. Our service will provide you with a framework to benchmark your current performance and to plan for improvements when managing and delivering change.

P3M3® provides three distinct maturity models, that can be used together or separately, to focus on specific areas of your business or, more generally, to help you assess the relationship between your portfolios, programmes and projects.

This maturity is described by a five-level framework, wherein each level identifies how well your organisation has embedded portfolio, programme and project management processes:

Level 1: Awareness of process

Level 2: Repeatable process

Level 3: Defined process

Level 4: Managed process

Level 5: Optimised process

At the end of the the assessment we will deliver a focused report that will help you understand your current levels of capability against an agreed set of parameters.

You will also receive a roadmap, which depending on the type and depth of assessment undertaken, will pinpoint the areas areas that need to be addressed in your organisation to ensure more consistent and effective project, programme and/or portfolio performance into the future.

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  • Helps you to decide what maturity level you need to achieve to meet your business needs
  • Creates a reliable PPM (portfolio, programme and project management) capability baseline against which improvements in PPM capability performance can be objectively measured
  • Focuses investment on those aspects of PPM that will yield the best improvements
  • Compares your organisation against accepted maturity levels that can be certified
  • Enables comparison of capabilities between organisations
  • Provides you with a plan for continual progression
  • Focuses on your organisation’s maturity, not specific initiatives (it's possible to run good programmes and projects without having high levels of maturity – but not consistently)
  • Provides an objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Demonstrates service quality to support proposals to prospective clients
  • Reduces costs and increases benefits delivery in PPM

P3M3® has helped organisations worldwide to reduce costs through increased efficiency and process improvements. For example, Transport for London (TfL) estimates that they have achieved almost £1 billion in savings over five years by increasing its P3M3® maturity from level one (2007) to almost level four (2012).

London Underground P3M3 Case Study: Download