Operational Health Check

Operational Health Check

To respond to the constant change in operational demands, ongoing financial pressures, increasing regulation, changes in strategy and in customer expectations, organisations must seek ways to constantly improve how they operate.

Regular internal operational assessments are an essential part of driving continuous improvement, providing managers with frequent temperature checks of the business to allow them to quickly respond to shifts in the operating environment.

4OC’s Operational Health Check (OHC) is a rapid review and analysis that assesses:

  1. How effectively an operation’s current activities are structured and managed
  2. How they link with stakeholders and customers
  3. How technology is set up to support service delivery
  4. How these three elements connect to deliver the organisation’s strategic objectives

How does it work?

  1. We undertake interviews with an agreed cross-section of managers and employees – while minimising the impact on business as usual
  2. Review the supporting documents and reports
  3. Directly observe service delivery work
  4. Analyse workflows, processes, procedures and how the technology supports these
  5. Assess variation in interpretation, expectations, or adherence with policy, procedures or best practices/processes
  6. investigate whether staff experience obstacles, roadblocks, and/or have ideas for improvement
  7. Verify the findings with the operational teams in real time


Our highly experienced, high-performing operational leaders conduct the review. They quickly establish the actual working practices and why these are in use. They build, with the team, a realistic improvement plan. Our approach is benefit, not issue, focussed, which ensures the right things get measured.

Build a Plan

We engage with the people that are vital to the delivery of the service improvement. We then build, with the team, a realistic improvement plan. Our approach ensures that this plan supports improvements that are aligned to the objectives of the organisation.


The analysis then measures the organisation against industry operational best practice. It allows the organisation to understand the gap between its current position and those of its peers, particularly high-performing operations. Our analysis is accompanied by a narrative describing how to manage the change journey to new, innovative, more successful ways of working.


A swift, independent, unbiased and comparative view of operational activities

A realistic and prioritised outline plan for change that managers and staff are confident that they can deliver

Assurance that the plan is based in the reality of operational delivery and that the change activities are achievable

The Solution

We provide a comprehensive, focussed report with the key findings (including quantitative and qualitative analysis) benchmarked against best practice. It provides a series of workable and planned recommendations, outlining the critical success factors and high-level outcome and financial impacts.

The Assessment typically takes 3-5 weeks.

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