MS Project Online – How we start

Stage 1


Our team takes a four stage approach to the specification, testing and implementation of Project Online for our customers. Each of these stages can be self contained and provide you with an incremental approach to the implementation of the platform.

To start, one of our senior consultants will work with your representative(s) to understand and document the required outcomes from using MSPO. We begin with a structured interview, in which we will demonstrate previous examples and best practice.

Next, we will review together the use of the platform over a number of projects in order to assess your working practices, highlight existing challenges and document the opportunities to deliver value through use of the tool. The resulting business requirements will be documented and priority rated with your team and the wider project community.

At the end of this stage we will provide you with our assessment of the most appropriate licensing model within Office 365, the likely cost of implementation to meet your requirements and our assessment of the delivery approach, constraints and risks involved in the journey.


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Stage 2

Analysis and Design

On the basis of an agreement to progress, we will work with you and your teams to specify the detailed requirements for the configuration of the environment. This will be documented and provided as a live working document. This requirements report can be taken forward to form part of the document set to support the product in your business as usual environment. 

The 4OC team will generate a proof of concept environment and run through sample workflows associated with your business in order to demonstrate the product and ensure it meets the business requirements previously discussed.

Stage 3

Build and Test

Next, our team will work with you to build the functionality required into a production environment. Together we will then generate the required testing collateral to provide the assurance you need that the the platform will meet your requirements and is sufficiently robust.

Through the build phase the build documentation will be amended and annotated to ensure it reflects the environment in use.

The team will generate the required reporting and dashboards and will demonstrate these to the wider team.

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If you are ready to talk to 4OC about MSPO use the form above and one of the team will quickly get in touch.