MS Project Online – Features and Benefits

  • Integrated into the Office 365 suite
  • Administration is very simple - it's so easy to use and control. You can add and remove users in minutes
  • It will provide your managers with access to and visibility of current spend, progress and risk
  • Enables management and control of large programmes of work
  • All the benefits of a cloud services
  • Visibility of portfolios of projects as part of a Transformation programme
  • Large numbers of small projects
  • A very simple and effective means of managing resource requirements
  • Ensures highest utilisation and value of resources
  • Captures and manages risks
  • Provides portfolio reporting including comprehensive RAG statusing

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  • You can work virtually anywhere
  • Increased Agility, Collaboration, and Scalability - Project Online will enable improved resource management, better transparency into project status, and achieve increased levels of collaboration 
  • Using a cloud-based solution is clearly an advantage compared to setting up a customised server environment - no concerns about maintenance, upgrades, or compatibility issues. All the capabilities you will need are there, and are easily customisable
  • Save on communication and travel costs and improve day-to-day productivity
  • We can create project templates that reflected standard activities, tasks, and milestones—and implemented easy-to-manage user permissions and version control
  • Team members can save time because will be using standardised project templates—and because they can easily communicate with other team members wherever they are

If you would like to talk to 4OC about how you can maximise the benefits from MS Project Online or are considering rolling out MS Project Online, use the form above and one of the team will quickly get in touch.