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With more and more organisations migrating to Office 365, there is now a fantastic opportunity to move to the Microsoft Project Online (MSPO) service, which offers Microsoft Project Server functionality as a Cloud service. This platform provides your Executive team, programme professionals and project team members with a state of the art tool to control and report upon your portfolio of projects using the best of what digital can offer.

The MSPO platform provides even better visibility on your projects, resources, costs and controls including risk, issue and deliverables management. It also remains tightly integrated into the Microsoft Project application, thus allowing project managers to continue to avail of the fine granularity of control over their projects and resources while giving the Senior Management Team a single view across the whole change environment.

What we most like about this tool is the high level of configurability that it allows, so it will readily fit with your organisation's bespoke requirements. This provides the opportunity to implement security, workflow and authorisation controls for your organisation but also to mould the product to reflect the project and programme controls that have been standardised within your organisation.


Here at 4OC, we ended up building our operational delivery around the Microsoft Project Online platform, which provided one clear channel for our consultants to record their time, plan their tasks and control their projects. The consolidation of all of this data in one location provides a dataset that drives the 4OC management dashboards.

One of the benefits of using 4OC as your MSPO delivery partner is that we are not simply a Microsoft partner. Our bread and butter is planning, designing, delivering and supporting the roll out of projects. We inherently understand the value of having a tool that both simplifies the process AND provides fast, accurate, clear data to give your organisation the full visibility it needs to progress. So, we know how it works but we also use it on a daily basis. 

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At the same time, we took the opportunity to implement the PowerBI component of Microsoft Office 365, which now provides a huge range of reporting dashboards for our Sales and Marketing, Operational, Finance and Customer portals. PowerBI has very tight integration into the reporting database associated with Project Online and is something that we actively encourage our clients to adopt.



For more information about what we will do to help set up or reconfigure your current application, go HERE

If you would like to talk to 4OC about how you can maximise the benefits from MS Project Online or are considering rolling out MS Project Online, use the form above and one of the team will quickly get in touch.