Digitising the Customer Journey

Digitising the Customer Journey

Whether organisations in the public sector should digitise the way they do business is no longer the question. People - be they citizens, consumers, customers or residents access services, do research, make queries and purchases online.

An ever-growing majority of the public now communicate with organisations via websites, mobile, apps or social media. Public sector bodies can drive digital inclusion by making services and information accessible through a range of channels so that they can:

  1. More effectively and efficiently respond to customers' needs
  2. More effectively and efficicently manage contact
  3. Pre-empt contact (demand) through smart use of information

Making this happen is not just about technology. We know through our experience of delivering successful digital projects and programmes across the public, private and third sectors, that you need a robust approach to ensure that the aims that you set yourself can actually be delivered.

4OC’s step-by-step approach, allows you to fully understand and articulate what problem you’re trying to fix. We help you develop a series of requirements, both business and technical, so that you can adopt the latest, most appropriate technology and working practices and then implement them so that you can successfully change the way you do business and dynamically respond to both changes in need and routes of customer engagement.

Enablers for demand reduction

  1. Information
  2. Knowing more about the behaviours of those who use services in order to manage and reduce demand
  3. Understand real risk and the cost of mitigation
  4. Technology that facilitates, connects and enables

Enablers for demand management

  1. Omni channel approach
  2. End-to-end ‘integration’ – straight through visibility in real time

Enablers for efficiency

  1. Effective and efficient processes that are standardised and automated, wherever possible
  2. Managed and supported working practices


Using our end-to-end approach, we deliver everything from the design through a transition plan to whole new ways of working. This can be done on a modular basis or more efficiently through developing the full customer journey for public services. Our goal is to create an effective solution that simplifies the process for the customer, allows staff to focus on more complex enquiries and delivers services cheaper for the organisation.

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